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We use our sense of smell to tell how things smell. Some things have a good smell. b- The teacher will give you cups of lemon juice, grape juice, coffee, potato chips, and chocolate. c- Ask your classmate to smell the items one by one, then record their response in the Observation Sheet on the next page.

d- After that, let them taste the items, and record their response in the Observation Sheet. e- The sense of touch. We use our sense of touch to tell how things feel. Some things feel soft. a- Tell your classmate about two soft things, and two hard things you find at home. b- Draw a hard thing you find at home.

Do animals have senses? What senses does a cat use when it searches for food? Who has a better sense of smell, cats or humans? What other animals have a better sense of smell than humans? a- Tell your classmate how you take good care of your health. b- What are your favorite sports activities?

When and where do you exercise? a- What are some differences between these two places? b- Which one would you like to live in?

c- What do you usually do in a garden? a- Look at the picture and make a list of the things we can get from the farm. b- What would happen if there were no farms?

c- What is your favorite farm animal? d- What is your favorite farm food? e- What are some other animals that live on a farm? f- What fruit and vegetables are also grown on a farm? Look at the picture and answer the questions: a- Why do people build new houses?

b- What happens to the forest when people build new houses? c- What would happen to people if they did not build new houses? d- Where else can people build houses, other than forests?

e- Can people build their houses without wood? People change the environment in a good way when they build new houses.

a- Look at the two pictures. What differences can you see? b- Do cars run smoothly in the same way in both pictures? c- Why do people build roads?

d- Was it easy for people to travel in the past? a- What are some chairs and tables made from? b- Where do we get wood from? c- What happens to forests when we cut down more trees?

d- Will this affect the forest animals? Think of some examples. a- Why do you think there is a lot of litter in the picture? b- Does this affect the animals on land and under water? c- What would you do to stop this?

a- Where does the smoke come from? b- Where does it go? c- How does this affect people, animals, and plants? d- What should we do to stop this? n o i t a g i t s e v In You need to change the land to build a school, a mall, and new houses.

Then they are nowhere to be found in my library. Where are they? iPad Pro , iOS iPad Pro Posted on Jan 28, PM. I forced closed the Books app and then downloaded and installed the The iPad restarted but no sign of the book samples.

Next I went to the store, downloaded two more samples and I cannot find either one. While I think the Book app and store needed a redesign, the new design is awful.

Can you tell me where the samples are in the app? After buying over a books from Apple and almost every one began with me downloading a sample, I'd call this a disaster to my future patronage of the Apple Book Store.

Page content loaded. Jan 28, PM in response to Moozito. Jan 28, PM in response to Zaptrax. Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.

It sounds like you're unable to see recently downloaded books in the Apple Books app on your iPad. I'd like to see how I can help. What happens if you force close the Apple Books and restart you iPad? How to force an app to close on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

You may also want to update to the latest iOS Update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Jan 28, PM in response to sberman. I guess that is why you don't own Apple and why you don't govern Apple.

This is from Apple's website for authors and publishers: "If you sell a book in the iBooks Store , you need to create a sample book for customers to preview before they purchase.

Read this Apple Support Link. From what I'm gathering after reading it, samples are handled differently in that they evidently don't save for later use. You tap on the sample, read it and decide if you want to purchase the book. My experience has been that book samples are not saved in the Books app at all.

Purchased books are, of course, saved. But not book samples. If you didn't finish the sample on reading it the first time, download it again. When did this change? I've been using an iPad to read books for 10 years and have read and downloaded hundreds of samples over the years.

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Exploring this kit will help familiarize you with the look and feel of nearly every option we offer. Sample books are a great sales I find a book in the store and click “download sample”. It confirms my ID and then the usual download icon shows progress until it is complete casinoonlineroyal.space › ugaritpublishing › docs › explore_science_-_book_b_-_sample


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