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Primizie Catering. Primizie Special Event Catering is a full service, off premise catering company. Since its start in late , Primizie Catering has brought a new level of service and style to Austin by serving innov.

The Fuze 9 Catering Company. The Fuze 9 Catering Company is a wedding catering company based in Austin, TX. Chefs Vesh and Amber teamed up in and have been spicing up the Austin food scene ever since! Chef Vesh has over Lucy's Catering - Lucy's Fried Chicken.

Lucy's is way more than just fried chicken! While we are known for for Texas Southern cuisine, we have crafted a wide range of dishes, small bites, live action stations and bars that can take your ev.

Location: Austin Metro Area Austin Metro Area. Mandola's Italian Catering. Celebrate an Italian Feast! In addition to celebrations in our semi-private rooms,. Gather Grazing Co. Gather Grazing Company is a wedding catering business located in Austin, TX, which specializes in beautiful, tasty grazing tables.

This dedicated team is here to provide a unique experience for your g. Location: Austin, Texas; Texas Hill Country Austin, Texas; Texas Hill Country.

Dagar's Catering. Location: San Antonio to Austin San Antonio to Austin. Chef in Texas. Chef in Texas, LLC, is a catering company experience based in Austin, TX. Chef Beatriz has been cooking for high-end events and luxury weddings for more than 10 years.

She customizes each menu to sui. DREAM Mini Donuts. Based in Austin, TX, DREAM Mini Donuts provides sweet catering services to give weddings and events a delectable touch. This company specializes in freshly-made mini donuts with various toppings and i.

Location: Austin TX Austin TX. So Good Brazilian Treats. Located in Austin TX, So Good Brazilian Eatery is a catering company with the goal of bringing traditional Brazilian cuisine to wedding celebrations throughout Central TX.

Executive Chef Mayara Fonsec. Austin Catering. Austin Catering is a full-service boutique catering company offering custom menu design and personalized event planning services. Our passion for food, artistic presentation, and focus on flawless ev.

El Chile Group Catering. El Chile Group Catering is a full-service wedding caterer based in Austin, TX. This friendly team strives to provide a five-. County Line on the Hill. County Line on the Hill is a wedding catering company based in Austin, TX.

It is housed in the County Line restaurant, located in a refurbished speakeasy. This celebrated Austin gem has expanded its f.

Showing Image number 1 out of 1. dna events. dna events is Austin's premier source for specialty catering needs, providing large-scale catered events for individuals with unique food requests sourced from local restaurants, food trucks, and non-.

CraigO's Pizza and Pastaria. CraigO's Pizza and Pastaria is a wedding catering company located in Austin, Texas. Locally owned and operated, this business can provide tasty culinary delights in an authentic Italian style. DeSano is an authentic Italian restaurant in Austin, TX, that specializes in wedding catering.

Focusing on traditional cooking styles, they bring you and your guests Neapolitan pizza like never before. Smokin' Brew-B-Q. Local south Austin family-owned business with a passion for serving great food while providing excellent hospitality. We take pride in crafting a custom experience for every wedding, and we look forw.

PEJ Events Pok-e-Jos Smokehouse. The mobility and convenience of food trucks make them an excellent choice for outdoor events and venues with limited space. Support a local catering setup by using food trucks and watch yourself save money when using these cheap catering ideas.

Sharing large platters of yummy food like roasted chicken or lasagna is a great way to bond with family and friends. This creates an interactive dining experience while saving money on catering. Family-style meals offer an engaging dining experience while being cost-effective for catering.

Caterers can set up the room and offer serving tips upon delivery. Then your team can take over for self-serve. This is one of the cheap catering ideas to reduce labor costs and catering prices. Hamburgers, hotdogs, pizza, quiche, barbecue, taco bars, and pasta are all great classic comfort food options for generous servings.

It also comes in handy when considering how much food per person to serve at an event. Family-style meals encourage guests to share and interact with one another, making them a perfect option for events that prioritize socializing and bonding. Plus, you can forego wait staff and the large expense that may come with it!

Perfect for a more relaxed event or meal. Potlucks are an affordable and engaging catering option where guests contribute their own dishes to share. Having a few different people bring their favorite meals or sides in a crockpot is sure to be a delicious hit while also not breaking your bank.

Potlucks are both an economical catering option and affordable, yet engaging catering option that is very budget-friendly. Everyone is contributing! The collaborative nature of a potluck allows guests to showcase their culinary talents.

It also provides a diverse range of dishes for everyone to enjoy. While potlucks may require a bit more coordination and communication, the end result is a unique and memorable dining experience. This option allows guests to connect over their shared love of food.

Any type of event can be creatively transformed into a delightful brunch, including a wedding reception. Brunch catering is an exciting catering option that offers a delicious variety of breakfast and lunch items. Some of the most delightful brunch catering ideas include buffet style pancakes, waffles, fresh berries, grapefruits, bananas, colorful fruit trays, delectable tea cakes, yogurt bars, and scrumptious pastries.

Your picky eaters are sure to enjoy this versatile options. Use different food stations, mixing between breakfast foods and lunch foods, and keep everyone happy. Brunch is a flexible catering option that provides breakfast and lunch items, is customizable to your wedding menu preferences, and encourages friendly conversation among guests.

By having a relaxed atmosphere and the versatility of brunch, guests can enjoy a variety of dishes that cater to their individual tastes and preferences while also being cheap catering options. Make it buffet style for the ultimate versatile catering option and utilize budget friendly ingredients!

Serve a variety of sweet treats such as cookies, cakes, and fruit cups as an affordable, easy-to-handle, and versatile dessert option for any event. Desserts are a great economical choice, and can be easily prepared in large quantities to serve a large number of people, costing less money while being just as yummy.

Offering more variety of desserts can help save money by encouraging people to enjoy smaller bites and be just as satisfied, helping you determine how much food to serve per person.

Include a veggie tray for a nutritious touch for the healthy eaters at a dessert party. Desserts add the perfect finish to a well-prepared meal. They can also be the perfect topic for conversation during dinner.

These meals can be customized to suit personal dietary needs, such as those who follow a gluten-free or vegan diet. With a wide range of sweet treats to choose from, your guests will be sure to have a memorable and fun experience. Serve soups, stews, and salads as a main dish or side as an excellent, budget-friendly, and easily-customizable cheap catering idea.

Baked potato bars, soup bars, and pasta bars — all sure to be a hit at a wedding reception. Plated meals are the most luxurious serving style for weddings and can be very expensive. Buffet style meals are a cheap catering alternative to feed a large number of people and they give your guests the freedom to choose their preferred dishes.

Thus, helping you manage your wedding budget! Keep it fun while keeping costs low. Soups and salads provide a healthy alternative to heavier main courses. These food options are a great way to create a meal for a wide range of tastes and preferences. Use this catering idea at your next event!

Similar to a buffet, a soup and salad bar is one of the most budget-friendly catering options out there. Generally, meats and specialty items tend to be more expensive. Sticking to simpler foods like salad and soup can prevent you from overspending while providing plenty of choice.

Your guests can choose from several classic mouthwatering soups, such as:. After that, they can create a salad of their choice from a limited menu. This type of catering is perfect for a business lunch or early morning meeting that is shorter in duration or falls outside of regular meal times.

This build-your-own menu gives guests just what they need to feel full and satisfied without needing a three-course meal. Catering finger foods like sandwiches, pigs in a blanket and buffalo chicken dip is a great way to offer plenty of variety on a budget.

Like the other casual options we mentioned, having a spread of finger foods also makes it easier for guests to mingle at your event without being tied to a table.

With finger foods, you promote more socialization and engagement while providing a large selection of delicious options. Finger foods can be well-suited for large sports gatherings , birthday parties, pool parties or even cocktail hour at your wedding.

Other examples of finger foods might include sliders, meatballs, spring rolls, crab cakes and hummus. Not all events necessarily require a sit-down formal dinner. While charcuterie boards are certainly popular and delicious, having a wide variety of meats may be a bit more expensive.

Not to mention, menus heavily relying on charcuterie meat can exclude vegetarian or vegan guests. With a lighter afternoon tea menu, you can save money on the cured meats.

For example, your social event menu could include a pimento cheese tea sandwich, cheese and crackers, or chicken salad croissants. Like finger foods and cheese boards, catering assorted snack items can also be a cost-effective way of feeding your guests. Some caterers offer sides or snack options that you can pick and choose from to create a simple lunch.

If you want more of an afternoon appetizer theme, combining several snack items can give you a flavorful yet cheaper menu. Some examples of snack items or appetizers you can offer include:.

These items would be perfect for a celebratory lunch in the office, a movie night event or a social hour for new employees.

Some will have specific inexpensive catering menus or cost-conscious options for this purpose. Working with a caterer that offers cheaper alternatives means you can worry less and focus on other event priorities.

Budget-friendly lunch or dinner menus may offer classic items like chicken marsala, potatoes, grilled veggies and dinner rolls. To reduce costs even further, ask about making your menu into a buffet-style.

Hosting a family reunion, birthday party or holiday event? Catering an event with your closest loved ones is the perfect opportunity to choose a family-style menu. You can enjoy all the classic foods you love around the holidays, such as a juicy carved turkey or Virginia baked ham, without overspending.

Talk to your caterer about their family-style options and see if they offer additional upgrades. Have other questions about keeping your catering costs low? Depending on the type of event, you might be able to offer various desserts in large quantities that still fit your budget, including:.

To save extra money, consider cutting back on beverages or desserts. You might consider setting up a DIY beverage bar where guests can mix their drinks to their liking without having to pay for individual drinks or an open bar. To minimize costs, the most effective thing you can do is start with a simple menu.

You can also use disposable dinnerware and utensils to save money and time on cleanup.

Austin Catering. $$$ – Moderate. Austin Catering is a full-service boutique catering company offering custom menu design and personalized event planning Lucky for meeting planners, some of Austin's best restaurants also cater private events. Whether you're looking to surprise your attendees with a taco truck From open bar services to Tex-Mex, burgers, or tacos buffets, here are the best catering options in Austin, Texas

Low-cost Catering Services - Looking up affordable catering Austin services with Urban Cowboy. Our event catering services offer delectable cuisine that won't break the bank Austin Catering. $$$ – Moderate. Austin Catering is a full-service boutique catering company offering custom menu design and personalized event planning Lucky for meeting planners, some of Austin's best restaurants also cater private events. Whether you're looking to surprise your attendees with a taco truck From open bar services to Tex-Mex, burgers, or tacos buffets, here are the best catering options in Austin, Texas

This collaborative approach not only enhances the affordability of catering for your event but also strengthens the sense of community among coworkers.

Remember to consult with your Community Manager and connect with coworkers who may be interested in contributing their culinary skills or assistance during the event. By utilizing your meeting space and the supportive coworking community, you can create a successful and cost-effective catering experience that leaves a lasting impression on your attendees.

If you regularly host events in your space, it may be worth investing in purchasing essential equipment and supplies. By owning these items, you can have them readily available whenever you need them, saving time and ensuring consistency in your event setup.

Additionally, owning the equipment allows for customization, ensuring a seamless and professional execution tailored to your specific needs. However, before making a purchase, consider your storage space. If your storage space is limited, renting might be a more practical and cost-effective solution.

Renting equipment and supplies can be a viable option for meeting spaces with infrequent events or limited storage capacity. Renting allows you to access a wide range of items without the long-term ownership and maintenance costs. It offers flexibility in tailoring your choices to meet the specific needs of each event.

Working with a reputable rental company ensures high-quality items and reliable service, enhancing the success of your affordable catering events. To make well-informed decisions about affordable catering while delivering memorable and professional events in your meeting space, thoughtfully evaluate these factors.

Take advantage of the resources available at your coworking space, such as event coordinators or catering services, who can provide guidance based on their experience. Additionally, seek feedback from previous event organizers who have faced similar challenges to learn from their insights.

One simple yet effective approach is to offer a limited drink menu. Instead of providing a vast array of choices, focus on a few selected options that cater to a range of preferences. This could include water, soda, coffee, tea, and perhaps a couple of alcoholic options like beer and wine.

This can add a touch of personalization and excitement to your event without breaking the bank. Get creative with ingredients, and maybe even give your concoctions a catchy name!

By determining your catering needs, considering your event theme, utilizing self-serve and themed food stations, offering comfort foods, exploring alternative meal formats, tapping into coworking resources, and selecting budget-friendly beverages, you can create a memorable experience for your attendees without stretching your budget to its limits.

They are now our go-to for all corporate catering needs. Urban Cowboy Catering delivered exactly that! Their affordable catering in Austin was the talk of the party. Great food, fantastic service, and all within my budget! They provided affordable, delicious, and hearty meals that kept our team going.

Their affordable catering in Austin is a blessing for film productions. Urban Cowboy Catering's affordable catering in Austin not only met our financial needs but exceeded our expectations in taste and service.

Truly a delightful experience! Finding affordable catering in Austin that could accommodate our large family with diverse tastes seemed impossible, but they did it with ease and finesse. Everyone loved the food!

They prove that great food doesn't have to be exorbitantly priced. A five-star experience on a budget! Distinctive, Quality-Driven Catering Services Choosing Urban Cowboy Catering means opting for a catering service that stands out in Austin. Our years of experience, dedication to quality, and unique approach to catering are what set us apart.

With over a decade of catering experience, we bring a level of expertise to your event that ensures it runs seamlessly from start to finish.

Our commitment to affordable excellence means you can enjoy top-notch catering without the high price tag. We believe that every event should be celebrated without breaking the bank. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure your event is not just catered but truly celebrated.

We take pride in making your occasions special and memorable. Ready to start planning? Urban Cowboy Catering is your go-to choice for affordable catering in Austin, Texas. With a diverse range of catering services tailored to various occasions, a menu that offers a culinary journey at budget-friendly prices, and a commitment to using fresh, high-quality ingredients, we are dedicated to making your events exceptional.

We are so thankful for them and all they did for our wedding. Such an amazing vendor!! Let's be honest. I know when ever I go to a wedding, I look forward to the food. My husband and I knew that food was something that we had to get right so I researched several places and OMG the prices!

But I then found Happy Catering. Not only were their prices the best I had seen, but they had a very wide menu. I sent an email to ask about quoting us a price and they responded the same day!

I gave them a little information, set up a meeting, and picked our menu. A month or so later, we did our taste test and everything was great! We got to take home the left overs. Another bonus for using Happy is that they take presentation to the next level.

They are so professional, easy to get in touch with, and so experienced that I recommend them to everyone! Thank you Happy for being with us during our big day. I didn't think Happy Catering could do a better job for the wedding reception of my second daughter than they did for my first daughter but they did!

The quality and taste of the food, the amount of food, the presentation and the professionalism of their staff was over the top. Glad I don't have another wedding in my future but if I did I would definitely use Happy Catering again!

Awesome experience. I had never had to plan an event before. They told me exactly what I needed and handled everything. Our team meeting for 50 people went off beautifully. Food was excellent, servers were awesome. I would highly recommend them. The Happy Catering Co catered one of our events with the chamber of commerce.

They brought in food for our Business After hours sponsorship. They worked amazingly well on short notice. The food was excellent and they were nothing but professional. We will undoubtedly use them again in the future and recommend them to anyone looking for quality catering.

We catered a work event and forgot ice, the delivery man left and went to the store to get us ice. He went the extra mile. In the rain! The food was REALLY good, and everything was very organized.

I highly recommend. Wonderful company, with great people. Happy Catering catered to UAB School of Health Professions.

We had excellent service, professionalism, and prompt personnel. I enjoyed the experience and will always keep in contact with Happy Catering for services. MoreHappy Catering catered to UAB School of Health Professions. The catering service we had was bright and early for deliver.

These individuals can assist with food preparation, service, or even offer suggestions Servcies affordable catering Budget-friendly BBQ Supplies they have Low-cost Catering Services worked with. Thank you Royal Fig for making our Cheap body lotions absolutely perfect! Caterinf specialty Cheap body lotions OLw-cost cuisine, made from scratch, is made to add Southwestern comfort to any romantic affair. Affordable Catering Ideas: 8 ways to Serve Great Food on a Tight Budget. However, before making a purchase, consider your storage space. And let me tell you, it still taste as good now as it did then : The Happy Catering Company is one I would recommend over and over again. Lifestyle Lifestyle. 10 Cheap Catering Ideas For Any Event


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