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Yes, Calendly integrates with many other programs and tools, including well-known CRM, video conferencing, and email marketing programs. Calendly is a reliable scheduling tool that prioritizes privacy and security.

It includes robust security features, including SSL encryption, two-factor authentication, and access restrictions, and is SOC 2 Type II certified. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Tech Tips With Tea is the one stop solution for bloggers and SEO executives across the globe. No Fluff. Only the strategies that work. Does Calendly work with every calendaring software? Is Calendly compatible with other programs and tools? Is Calendly reliable and secure?

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Home Free Trial Pricing Features Testimonials About Us Contact Us Blog Log On. We want to give you the opportunity to try out our very cool web based software. Sign up now and benefit from the exceptional day FREE trial offer.

Create any event, simple or complex Customize not only the look and feel, but the flow of your registration. Add configurable registration paths for more personalization. Build a website that wows your audience Create fully branded event experiences with drag-and-drop widgets, or take it to the next level with custom CSS classes.

Increase conversions and drive registrations Capture attendees with high intent, monitor abandoned registrations, send reminders, and create tasks for sales. Try Cvent for free. Integrate into your CRM and automation tools. Minimize time-to-action on event leads and build better customer profiles.

Wow your members with dynamic events and synchronized profiles. Simplify and automate your event payments for better budgeting. Make booking housing and flights a cohesive part of your attendee management experience.

Make your online meetings and seminars more successful. Turn qualified leads into qualified and engaging meetings. Analyze web data to make smarter decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions. How do I sign up for Cvent's event management trial?

Free Trial Event Management Software · Cvent Event Management · Zoho Backstage · EventsAIR · Accelevents · Trumba Connect · RegFox · Arlo for Training Providers If you sign up for a free trial, you'll have two weeks to test out the platform. You can host sessions up to 60 minutes long with up to 10 live attendees Let's create your trial account! FREE for 30 Days • No credit card needed. Calendar Name * info. First name *. Last name *

Event Management Free Trial FAQs

Free Trial Events - Browse and discover over , venues and vendors for free to create a successful event. Eliminate manual processes and get time back by automating room Free Trial Event Management Software · Cvent Event Management · Zoho Backstage · EventsAIR · Accelevents · Trumba Connect · RegFox · Arlo for Training Providers If you sign up for a free trial, you'll have two weeks to test out the platform. You can host sessions up to 60 minutes long with up to 10 live attendees Let's create your trial account! FREE for 30 Days • No credit card needed. Calendar Name * info. First name *. Last name *

Having questions about Eventee prices? Book a free demo with our team. Compare the pricing plans in detail Explore the features of each plan.

Attendees per event. Team members. Contact us. Custom branding. Custom domain. In-person events. Hybrid events. Event mobile app. Event web app. Event website. Social wall. Live questions. Live polls. The Customer is not entitled to a refund for the Paid Subscription, the subscription period of which has not been fully consumed.

The Paid Subscription expires automatically, and all collected personal data is automatically deleted in accordance with the provision in par. Rights of the Parties The Supplier, on behalf of the Producer, grants the Customer a paid and non-exclusive license to use the Software in accordance with its purpose and functionality.

The license entitles the Customer and Users to temporarily multiply the Software by displaying it and using it for the purposes specified in par. It is forbidden to publish unlawful content through the Software, including: infringing the intellectual property rights of third parties, infringing the personal rights of CONREGO or third parties, conflicting with good manners, having a pornographic, racist, xenophobic, or unethical character, other content that violates the provisions of the applicable law in the territory of the Republic of Poland, and damaging the reputation of the Supplier and Producer.

The Supplier is not responsible for publishing unlawful content through the Software. In the event of receiving an official notification or reliable information about the unlawful nature of content published through the Software, the Supplier has the right to immediately remove it without consulting the Customer.

The Supplier is entitled to refuse to conclude an agreement and provide the Service or withdraw from an already concluded agreement if: The Customer provides Data that does not correspond to reality, The Supplier has previously terminated the agreement with the Customer due to circumstances for which the Customer is responsible, there is a reasonable fear that the Software will be used by the Customer for purposes inconsistent with the nature and purpose of the Service, in particular in a manner that violates the security and functioning of the Infrastructure and the Data stored within it, there is a fear that unlawful acts will be performed using the Software, in particular that SPAM will be transmitted, the Customer previously, personally or jointly with other persons or through other persons, used the Software in a manner inconsistent with its purpose, the Customer has exceeded the limits described in par.

The Supplier has the right to entrust the current maintenance of the Software to a third party, which the User hereby agrees to by accepting the content of the Service Terms.

The Supplier has the right to assign to third parties the rights and obligations arising from these Service Terms. Technical Conditions The Software consists of three main modules: Administrative Panel - designed as a web application for use on screens with a minimum width of px, Event Pages - designed as a web application for screens of any resolution, CONREGO Check-in mobile application - designed as an application for installation and use on mobile devices with iOS and Android systems.

The following are required to use the Software: an internet connection for all modules, an up-to-date web browser Chrome, Firefox, or Edge version or higher, Safari version The Supplier reserves the right, but is not obliged, to change the characteristics, functions, and technical requirements of future versions of the Software.

Service Limitations Under the Free Subscription, the Customer is limited by the following: The Customer may process Data for a maximum of 50 registered or imported Participants. To maintain the security of the infrastructure and the high reputation of the SMTP server, the function of sending emails to addresses other than the Customer's address is blocked.

Lifting the email sending block requires a positive verification of the Customer's account, which can be initiated according to the instructions available in the application interface.

Accounts negatively verified will be deleted. The Customer may store up to Mb of data as described in paragraph 9. Under the Paid Subscription, the Customer is limited by the following: The Customer may process Data for a maximum of 10, registered or imported Participants, The Customer may send mailings to a maximum of 10, recipients within a single day, The Customer may store up to 1 Gb of data as described in paragraph 9.

The intention to exceed the above limits before it occurs , along with the justification of the situation, must be reported to the Provider in an email to support conrego.

The Provider has the right to charge additional fees for exceeding the applicable limits. The amount of the fees will be determined individually, depending on the load of the particular Subscription in relation to the entire Infrastructure. The Customer is entitled to a maximum of 3 hours of technical support per month.

Technical support for the Customer and Users is provided Monday through Friday except holidays and days legally free from work from AM to PM, via chat on the Provider's websites, email at support conrego.

Technical support does not include assistance in the use of equipment, operating systems, and third-party software used by Users. The Supplier reserves the right to interruptions in the availability of the Infrastructure and Software for the purpose of implementing updates.

Customers will be notified of the interruption dates by email with as much advance notice as possible. The Supplier makes efforts to make the interruption periods as least burdensome as possible for the Customers.

In the event of interruptions in access to the Infrastructure and Software lasting more than 2 hours, the Customer has the option to request a free extension of the subscription period by 1 day for each additional hour of interruption, after the first 2 hours have elapsed.

The Supplier is not responsible for the improper functioning of the Software caused by: its improper use or unauthorized modification by the User, faulty operation of hardware or third-party software on the User's side, actions of third parties who are not subcontractors of the Supplier, an event described in par.

In the event of detecting defects or errors in the operation of the Software, the Customer has the right to request their removal by the Supplier within a period dependent on the nature and complexity of the defect warranty repair. The Supplier is not responsible for technical problems or technical limitations in computer hardware and tools e.

Force Majeure Force Majeure means an unforeseeable, unavoidable, and beyond the control of the parties event or circumstance that prevents the performance of all or a substantial part of their obligations under this Agreement. Examples of Force Majeure events include: war and acts of war, natural disasters, ionizing or radioactive radiation, terrorism, strikes, embargoes, technical failures, power supply failures, exceptional adverse weather conditions, and other unforeseeable circumstances beyond the control of the Parties, where taking precautionary measures by the affected party would be unreasonable and which the affected party cannot avoid even with all due diligence.

In the event of Force Majeure: The Parties shall not be in breach of their obligations under the Service Terms, unless they relate to payments, Neither Party shall be liable for any losses or damages suffered by the other Party resulting from such event.

In the event of Force Majeure, the Supplier shall notify the Customer in writing or by any other means possible at the time of the occurrence of such event. During the period of Force Majeure, obligations arising from the Service Terms may be suspended or limited. The Parties shall seek mutual agreement to modify or extend the deadlines arising from the Service Terms and to establish procedures for returning to normalcy after the cessation of the Force Majeure event.

Data Processing The use of the Software may result in the creation of the following Data sets: Data set of the Customer, Data set of the Users, Data set of the Participants and logs of changes to the Participants' Data, Sales documents pro forma, final, and corrective invoices , Personalized documents tickets, entry passes, certificates , Report documents XLS spreadsheets containing Participant Data and statistics , Documents and graphic files provided by the Customer on the Event website.

The Supplier stores the Data sets entrusted by the Customer described in sec. Personal Data Processing Agreement In order to fulfill the obligations arising from Article 28 of the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR , the Customer entrusts the Supplier with the processing of personal data necessary for the provision of the Service.

The Customer declares that the personal data entrusted to the Supplier has been collected in accordance with applicable laws, and that the Customer is either the Data Controller or is authorized by the Data Controller to process and further entrust personal data.

The Customer and Users are obliged to inform Participants about: the terms of use of the Software and its purpose, the terms of registration and participation in the organized Event, the purposes of processing Participants' personal data, the legal basis for processing personal data in the system, the duration of processing, the potential sub-processing of personal data, the transfer of personal data to other entities and third countries.

The Customer, who creates a data set understood as a set of personal data in accordance with the GDPR, automatically becomes a Data Controller or Processor of personal data. The Customer acknowledges that the use of the Software does not require the collection, storage, and processing of special categories of personal data and assumes full responsibility for their use, storage, and processing by Users who have access to them.

Special categories of data include personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, genetic data, biometric data for the purpose of uniquely identifying a natural person, data concerning health, sexuality, or sexual orientation.

The Supplier declares that it undertakes to use the entrusted personal data only to the extent necessary for the fulfillment of obligations arising from the regulations and within the scope specified in the privacy policy.

The Supplier declares that it processes the entrusted personal data in accordance with Article 28 3 of the GDPR, taking into account the nature of the processing and the information available to it, and takes all measures required under Article 32 of the GDPR.

The Supplier reserves the right to disclose selected information regarding the Customer or User using the Software to the competent authorities or third parties that request such information, based on the appropriate legal basis, only if it is in accordance with the provisions of the applicable law in the territory of the Republic of Poland.

Except as indicated above, information regarding the User or person using the Software will not be disclosed to any third party without the Customer's consent.

The User is responsible for the security of the access data to the Subscription and must not disclose this data to third parties. If there is a need to create an additional User account within the Subscription, the appropriate form available in the Users section should be used.

The User is obliged to immediately notify the Supplier of any changes to the personal data provided by themselves or the Customer. In the event of failure to notify of changes to personal data within 3 days from the date of the change, the existing data will be considered current.

The User is obliged to immediately update the access data to the Subscription if there is suspicion that this data has been taken over by third parties. The Supplier informs that upon the User's connection to the Software, information about the number including IP and type of User's end device from which the User connects to the Software appears in the system logs of the service.

The Supplier informs that, in accordance with the provisions of the applicable law in the territory of the Republic of Poland, it will also process data concerning the number including IP and type of User's end device using the Software, as well as the connection time with the Infrastructure.

These data are processed, in particular, for technical purposes and for collecting general statistical information. After the User's use of the Service is completed, the Supplier may process the personal data of the Customer and Users to the extent necessary to achieve the following purposes: determining whether the User's use of the Software was in accordance with the Service Terms and the law, and clarifying the circumstances of any unauthorized use of the Service, providing the User with materials that constitute advertising or promotion of the Software in the case of CONREGO having valid consent to perform the above activities.

The Supplier has the right to use selected Subscription data including, among others, the number of registered Participants for its own analyses aimed at ensuring the development of the functionality of the Software. These data may be published by the Supplier, but only as part of aggregated summaries regarding the use of the Software, in a manner that does not individualize specific Customers, Users, and their Subscriptions.

The use of data does not include personal data of Participants. Customer's Liability for the Sale of Services through the Software The Customer, who offers the sale of services e. Integration of the chosen electronic payment method with the Software requires providing appropriate identifiers, configuration parameters, and access data to the payment service operator in the relevant form.

Before the Customer starts selling their own services and accepting payments from Participants using the chosen payment method, they are obliged to: fully test the integration of the Software with the chosen payment method including authorization and settlement of transactions in a test environment, e.

The Supplier is not responsible for incorrect integration and configuration of payment methods, as well as for defective transaction data, incorrectly issued invoices, or incorrect payment reports resulting from errors.

Copyright The exclusive copyright to the Software belongs to the Producer. The libraries have been included in the Software and are distributed in accordance with the license terms specifying the rules for their use.

The Customer and Users are obliged to comply with Service Terms for using the Software, including the inclusion of the license terms for using the open source libraries contained in the Software.

The Customer and Users acknowledge that failure to comply with the above obligation may result in infringement of the exclusive copyright to the Software and may hold the Customer legally liable for such infringement. Confidential Information Supplier, Producer and Customers, referred to as the Parties, agree that all information disclosed before and during the performance of the agreement constitutes Confidential Information.

In particular, Confidential Information includes information that is a trade secret of the Parties within the meaning of Article 11 4 of the Act of 16 April on combating unfair competition Polish Journal of Laws of , No.

Confidential Information also includes any other information that is not a trade secret but whose disclosure could harm the Parties. The Parties shall not disclose, use, or disseminate Confidential Information without the prior written consent of the other Party.

In particular, the Parties shall: protect Confidential Information by exercising at least the same care as the other Party in protecting Confidential Information, use the obtained Confidential Information solely for the purpose of carrying out the cooperation between the Parties.

Upon request, all obtained Confidential Information and their carriers shall be returned to the other Party. The obligations described in this Agreement do not apply to: information publicly known before the date of this Agreement or that became publicly known after the date of this Agreement without the fault of either Party, Confidential Information that a Party is required to disclose pursuant to a court order or decision of a competent authority in connection with any other order arising from legal provisions or ongoing proceedings conducted by the competent authorities.

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DJ Event Planner works with any modern Tgial Free Trial Events almost Value dining promotions platform. Multiple events a year. Eventee networking Cost-effective grocery deals questions Evenys polls Event analytics Event Free Trial Events RFee social Triap Event newsfeed Event branding Event partners Event custom menu. Custom branding. SSL certificates guarantee the reliability of the websites they protect and users who connect to a site secured by an SSL certificate can be absolutely sure that they are connecting safely to the correct service. There are no geographic restrictions for trial sign up. Investing in Calendly can save you time and effort when it comes to arranging appointments.


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