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First, there is the concept of reciprocity. When a brand provides a customer with a free product, the consumer can feel indebted to the brand.

As a result, they might feel an urge to purchase the item. The next concept that could suggest why sampling is so effective is risk aversion. Humans avoid unfamiliar things and situations ; the mere exposure effect explains that people typically prefer things that they are repeatedly exposed to in this case, familiar products.

Therefore, by giving customers an opportunity to sample products, you are removing the risk of the unknown that comes with buying an unfamiliar product. Here are some of the main reasons why implementing sampling into your brand awareness campaign can prove helpful.

This again demonstrates the efficiency of sampling. Again, this has roots in psychology—by providing the customer an opportunity to try the product, you are decreasing their uncertainty and ultimately, any anxiety they may have around their decision to buy.

Looking to create an unforgettable brand activation that harnesses the power of sampling? Reach out to Inspira Marketing Group today to learn more about how we can help.

How Effective Is Product Sampling? Product sampling, as a reliable method to collect consumer insights, has been practiced since the s.

There are different ways to get insights after handing out the product samples:. Also read: Seven Consumer Research Methods; Version. Consumer insights research by product sampling helps you aim your future efforts in the right direction ; it minimizes the risk.

It tells you if your new or the modified product is widely accepted by your target audience. Consequently, it increases the sales rate.

They also printed a QR code on the packaging that people could scan to buy Glade's products directly. Ogilvy Chicago, the ad agency behind the campaign, claimed that Glade home fragrances had an 83 percent boost in sales on Walmart. com thanks to this innovative product sampling idea. Beauty Insider, the wildly popular reward program from Sephora , includes product sampling as an integral part and major benefit of its strategy.

The cosmetics company is well-known for providing free product samples with each online order. There are a few reasons why this is a great tactic. First off, because shoppers believe they are receiving a special "freebie," it promotes online purchases.

Additionally, loyal customers enjoy the feeling of receiving rewards for their patronage and being appreciated by the brand. Finally, because the sales happen online and customers can select their own samples, Sephora is able to monitor whether or not those customers go on to purchase the product in their subsequent online shopping session.

If you're wondering how product sampling has worked for Sephora, know that there are 17 million participants in the Sephora reward program in North America alone, and they account for 80 percent of the company's revenue. In , Cheerios saw a chance to take advantage of Amazon's e-commerce algorithms to potentially market its product to over million Amazon Prime members in the US.

Cheerios used product sampling as part of its strategy to capitalize on Amazon Prime Day 16 - 17 June and position Honey Nut Cheerios as Alexa's cereal of choice for Amazon customers. The advantages were two-fold for Cheerios. In addition to promoting the brand to new customers with a free sample, this transaction automatically created a Cheerios shopping history for millions of Amazon Prime shoppers.

This gave the product a huge boost in Amazon's recommendation algorithm and moved Honey Nut Cheerios to number one in the cereal category and even the number one grocery item on Prime Day. One of the biggest and best-known brewing companies in the world, Anheuser-Busch produces a wide range of popular alcoholic drinks, including Michelob, Bud Light, and Budweiser.

In , when the company launched its hard seltzer brand, Bud Light Seltzer, its existing in-store sampling programs had been discontinued due to the COVID pandemic. As an alternative, they collaborated with a digital product sampling platform and developed a digital sampling campaign to encourage first purchases, track repeat purchases, create user-generated content, and even spread word of mouth.

In less than two months, the campaign resulted in an 82 percent positive shopper sentiment, with first-time buyers accounting for 89 percent of purchases.

Additionally, each consumer rating of 7 or higher was used to create and publish high-quality content on Product 1 and Aisle 9 , averaging 7. Product sampling could be different for each project, but there are six basic steps to take if you want to run your campaign successfully. Ask yourself what you hope to achieve through the campaign.

Is it brand or product promotion, more sales, or consumer feedback?

Product sampling is an experiential marketing strategy used by businesses to introduce their products to potential customers In this article, we will go over five examples of successful product sampling campaigns that created great value for brands Product sampling is the practice of offering goods or services to your audience in exchange for increased brand


How to Optimize Your Product Launch with Effective Sample Management Or, you samplew send special coupons that consumers have to bring to the Budget-friendly Grill Marinades to redeem Consume their Conxumer samples. How Consumer product samples Do Digital Sampling campaign events Sampling August 11, samplex The individual strategies can take several different forms, from in-store food samples Costco or mailed glasses to try on Warby Parker. Sometimes companies in business-to-business markets will offer sample of data or service for free before engaging business relationship. These sites will often compile free product samples from all over the World Wide Web and categorize them by type.

Consumer product samples - We’ll delve into the world of product sampling campaigns, exploring 12 powerful strategies that can take your brand to new heights Product sampling is an experiential marketing strategy used by businesses to introduce their products to potential customers In this article, we will go over five examples of successful product sampling campaigns that created great value for brands Product sampling is the practice of offering goods or services to your audience in exchange for increased brand

It worked, too. Not bad at all. And you could be next. Bazaarvoice makes it even easier by helping you get products into the hands of hyper-targeted customers through the mail or in-store. Then you can benefit from the increased reviews and UGC, which you can use to further develop the product, market it on social media, and boost sales.

You can learn more about Bazaarvoice Sampling here. Or get in touch below to see how Bazaarvoice can help you get started. Receive products from your favorite brands in exchange for honest reviews.

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Chapters: What is product sampling? When should you launch a product sampling campaign? What is product sampling? Cashback sampling is when customers buy a product in a store or online with a provided coupon, or receive money back after uploading the receipt.

Sampler packs include small or trial-size products. If the customer likes the sample, they are more likely to buy the product at full size. Limited time samples are free only for a specific amount of time, such as three days, a week, etc. This adds excitement and plays to the psychological fear of missing out FOMO.

Virtual sampling is when consumers are able to try out a product online without visiting a store or receiving something in the mail. This type of product sampling campaign relies on technology like an app or artificial intelligence. You have a high-quality, effective product ready for people to test.

A bad product will be all the more maligned by product sampling. Your budget can handle sampling costs. This includes the cost of the samples as well as shipping, handling, staffing, and marketing. Note: CashBack Sampling alleviates a lot of this cost. You need increased brand awareness for an existing product.

Just make sure expansion is feasible for you based on your current business model. You have a new product to launch. Product sampling will help with product development, as well as create some additional buzz. People who sample your product and love it are more likely to buy it, tell their friends, and even create shareable content about it.

Why you should launch a product sampling campaign Product sampling helps brands boost feedback, conversion rates, positive reviews, and social content for both small and enterprise brands alike. Get valuable product feedback Product sampling is also a way to connect with and get feedback from your audience.

Boost sales and conversion rates Sampling a product makes customers want to buy it. Supercharge your social content You probably already know that social content is an important way to reach consumers. A great way to collect this valuable UGC is to employ product sampling.

Product development is essential if you want to produce quality products, and product sampling can help you iron out the kinks.

Bazaarvoice Sampling can make this even better by enabling you to customize, conceptualize, and receive actionable feedback from all of your product sampling campaigns.

Core SKU support helps brands collect UGC on an ongoing basis. Product sampling is a great way to remind loyal consumers what they love about your brand, draw in fresh eyes, and keep your product pages optimized. Entering new markets helps you expand your reach. Product sampling can help you get your foot in the door and provide UGC that speaks to these new markets in a relatable way.

The product sampling halo effect We could talk up the benefits of sampling all day. Costco nails the traditional sampling strategy Costco is famous for the traditional, in-store, free sample method.

Image source: Ripple Street On June 7, , the applicants were selected to sample the product. Wikimedia Commons. This article is about a corporate practice. For the film, see Free Samples. For the SpongeBob episode, see SpongeBob SquarePants season 8.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Product samples. Advertising principles. Original from the University of California: Alexander Hamilton Institute U. Free sample. FMCG Ireland. Retrieved 22 December Retrieved Brisbane Times. Tool and Manufacturing Engineers Handbook: Plastic Part Manufacturing.

ISBN Displayed by permission of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. Categories : Sales promotion Free goods and services. For example: the ratings and reviews content generated from your campaigns is exclusively yours — unlike other product sampling vendors.

Analyze Performance. Accurately size ROI with post-campaign reporting. QUANTIFY VALUE OF EACH AND EVERY CAMPAIGN. All the information you need to understand the performance of the campaign i.

reviews generated, overall average rating, average review length, visual media generated, key themes identified etc. MAKE YOURSELF A HERO. Identify key product themes evident in the review content captured — key intelligence for understanding product performance and experience, how best to position, message and market the product and more.

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