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It's designed to clean carpets just as well as hard floors, and you can even control it by voice by connecting it to an Alexa- or Google Assistant-enabled device. When its minute runtime is up, it automatically docks itself to recharge.

It ups the ante by mopping floors as well as vacuuming them with "sonic" vibrations that scrub hard floors an impressive times per minute.

What's more, it empties and charges itself, plus includes HEPA filtration to trap dust and allergens. This viral cleaning paste is a perfect multi-purpose stocking stuffer. It can remove everything from burnt-on messes on the bottom of pots and pans to difficult rust stains left on stovetops.

It can even remove permanent marker from walls. The non-abrasive and scratch-free formula works on virtually any surface like glass, porcelain, marble and wood. If you don't mind spending extra for the best of the best, this self-mapping Roborock robot vacuum and mop has been deemed a "gold standard" for robot vacuums.

Designed for use on hard floors and carpets, it scrubs a whopping 3, times per minute as a mop and sports a "boost" feature for spots that need an extra deep clean especially useful for households with kiddos or pets. Extra impressive for folks stretched thin or crunched for time, this gizmo can wash and dry its own mop and refill its own clean water once it's done working in addition to emptying its self-emptying its vacuum-mode debris, of course.

This useful three-in-one earphone cleaning kit makes a great stocking stuffer for audio lovers. The kit includes a flocking sponge, high-density brush and a metal pen tip to dust, clean and freshen up your loved one's AirPods and other earbuds without causing any damage. Self-cleaning litter boxes like the Litter Robot are pricey, but as a mildly obsessed owner of the Litter Robot myself, I'm convinced that they're a huge quality of life upgrade for cat owners.

The gadget is designed to automatically scoop litter by rotating its inner shell, shaking clumped litter through a filter and finally depositing it in a sealed drawer-like compartment underneath the box. Check the process out in action on TikTok or on YouTube.

The result? A fresh, hygienic bed of litter for their cat every time they go, with the tremendous bonus of ridding kitty parents from having to deal with cat poop on a daily basis. An extra benefit? The automatic scooping will majorly cut down on odor from cat urine, so you can actually visit your loved one comfortably.

If you're concerned about your loved one's crusty carpet, stained couch or messy backseat, you can't go wrong with the Bissell Little Green cleaner. This thing is so TikTok-famous that gifting it will be more a nod to its trendiness than it is a gentle nudge to clean.

This portable carpet and upholstery cleaner is popular for good reason: It impressively sucks out messes, grime and stains including puke and pee for those with pets or kids using powerful suction.

It's also remarkably lightweight, so they can easily carry it up and down stairs or to their car. This version includes specialized tough stain and spraying crevice tools for extra-effective deep cleaning, and comes with a trial-size bottle of Bissell's cleaning solution.

This branded screen cleaner comes in a capsule shape bottle, so it is not only portable, but it is adorable and trendy as well.

It comes with a microfiber cloth and cleaning solution that is ideal for screen cleaning. Interested in getting this promotional product?

Quote the product code ODM Apparently, cleaning visibly dirty surfaces followed by sterilization is the best measure for Covid prevention. Thanks to technology that birthed promotional sterilizing products , sanitizing our home have never been easier. This handheld LED UV sanitiser is highly effective and capable of inactivating microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and pathogens.

Who would not love to see a tidy and organized place? Definitely no one! With this custom desk organizer , you can easily save up space and keep your things in one place.

Made from quality plastic material, this organizer is certainly sturdy and long-lasting. It offers a lot of compartments where you can put your handy office supplies.

Into the bargain, the organizer comes with a built-in power station where you can charge your smart devices. Liking what you have read so far? Drop us an email of inquiry with the product code ODM For finishing touches, why not open a humidifier to add moisture to the indoor air?

This portable humidifier is an excellent healthcare promotional item that you can add to your cleaning routine. Moisture from a humidifier can be helpful around any home. It can also act as an air freshener with a few drops of your favourite essential oil.

Everyone wishes to have a nice-smelling home! With these cleaning tool ideas, you can certainly ramp up your promotions and drive more sales during this retail holiday season. If you are interested in sourcing new promotional products , get in touch with our team.

We will always be more than happy to assist you with all things promotional! The ODM Group offers customization and in-depth design modification for your brand to make them suitable for your marketing campaign. Drinking cold beverages during the hot summer season is definitely refreshing.

Pique the interest of your customers with these silicone glasses! Revamp Summer Marketing Strategy with these Silicone Glasses. Compostable cleaning wipes. Biom All-Purpose Starter Kit. Superior stain remover. Amodex Ink and Stain Remover. A pretty dust mop. Sladust Big Wooly with Wooden Handle.

An heirloom broom. Maine Shakers Broom. A multipurpose scrubber. Vikan Nail Brush. For mini messes. Iris Hantverk Table Dustpan and Brush Set. The miracle cloth. Siga Microfiber Cleaning Cloths. Gloves with flair. Glam Gloves Dishwashing Gloves. The best pet hair remover. ChomChom Pet Hair Remover.

A mighty handheld vac. This article was edited by Hannah Morrill and Jennifer Hunter. Meet your guide. Samantha Schoech. The Best Surface Cleaners and Disinfectants. We think these are the best sweeping tools: the Casabella Wayclean Wide Angle Broom, Libman Step-On Dust Pan, OXO Good Grips Large Sweep Set, and Bona Microfiber Dust Mop.

The Best Broom, Dustpan, and Dust Mop. A microfiber towel and a cloth are all you need to keep a ceramic-glass cooktop in pristine shape. We tapped experts to help us refine an approach to cleaning ovens that reduces labor and eliminates the use of harsh chemicals.

How to Clean an Oven. Anything used as frequently as a countertop is going to need regular cleaning. This is the best way to do it. How to Clean Kitchen Countertops.

The 46 Best Gifts for a Clean Freak ; Mr. Siga Ultra Fine Microfiber Cloths for Glass, 6 pack · $ Amazon ; John Boos MYSB Mystery Butcher Block We've bundled our favorite high performing plant-based cleaning products for savings and gifts. These make great holiday, housewarming and hostess gifts! 14 Gifts for People Who Love to Clean ; Paper towel dupe. Reusable Swedish Dishcloths ; Metal scrubber. Knapp Made Chainmail Dishcloth ; A swanky

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To The Best Supporters -- The Giveaway -- Cleaning Products -- 3 Simple Rules CCleaning Stay Clean Dishwand! We think these are the best giveawats tools: the Casabella Wayclean Cleaning product giveaways Free sample samples Broom, Libman Step-On Dust Pan, OXO Good Grips Large Sweep Set, and Bona Microfiber Dust Mop. Iconic Dish Brush Set. Amazon Ads Reach customers wherever they spend their time. or its affiliates. It all started with a gift basket that Scotch-Brite sent me

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