Sample giveaway programs

The following example will show you exactly what we mean. Image Source: Jarritos. For your information, the brand has around , followers on Instagram…. Keep reading to find our very last giveaway idea for small businesses and startups.

In fact, you likely already know that photo contests are generally considered to be among the most popular giveaway ideas. Our example comes from Street Style Store, an Indian eCommerce brand that has over , followers on Instagram:. For one of their photo contests, the brand used the power of one of the most popular — or maybe THE most popular — TV series of all times, Friends.

More specifically, they asked their followers to recreate famous Friends looks. The user who made the most successful recreation of a Friends fashion moment would get a Street Style Store hamper.

Our list of nine giveaway ideas for startups and small businesses that want to take their interaction with their audience to the next level is now complete.

Apostle is a core member of the founding team at Viral Loops. He has worked closely with hundreds of referral marketing campaigns made with Viral Loops. Apostle has years of experience in growing and marketing companies and co-founded Growth Hacking University.

Your email address will not be published. M Marketing. Here we go. Table of Contents What Is a Giveaway and Why Is It Important? Idea 1: Run a Referral Marketing Campaign Idea 2: Run a Social Media Contest Idea 3: Create Your Own Branded Merchandise Idea 4: Run a Hashtag Contest Idea 5: Promote a Limited Edition Offer Through a Webinar Idea 6: Give Away a Gift Card Idea 7: Partner Up With an Influencer on Instagram — AKA Instagram Giveaway Idea 8: Run a Sweepstakes Contest Idea 9: Run a Photo Contest What is a giveaway and why is it important?

Idea 1: Run a referral marketing campaign The first giveaway idea we want to share with you is to run a referral marketing campaign. The way this works is simple. Enter… word of mouth.

Example: Yac Our referral marketing campaign example comes from the voice messaging tool for remote teams , Yac. Image Source: Yac To give you some context on how it started; Yac did a pre-launch campaign with Viral Loops that was basically based on the idea of getting users to invite their team members to the tool so they could all get early access to the product.

Example: Dunkin Donuts Dunkin Donuts is an American coffee and donut company that was founded in Here are a few examples: Image Source: Twitter Dunkin might not be a startup, but older companies that still manage to remain relevant and get millions of followers on social media that want to get their giveaway prizes can totally teach us something about the efficiency of giveaways and finding creative ways of keeping your audience engaged.

Idea 3: Create your own branded merchandise Creating your very own promotional products and sharing them with your audience is one of the best things you can do to create an emotional connection with them and boost customer retention.

Example: Drift Messaging and marketing platform for websites, Drift, is widely known for its growth tactics. Image Source: Drift What you might not know about Drift is that they invest in swag and actually have leveraged swag to build stronger connections with their audience and customers.

Moving on. Example 1: TAG Heuer TAG Heuer is a luxury watch manufacturer with a really long history in the Swiss timepiece industry — it was founded in Image Source: TAG Heuer Despite their long history, they seem to know how to play their social media game in terms of establishing their own hashtag on Instagram and prompting their audience to use it when they post relevant content.

Have a look: Image Source: Instagram From what we can see, users seem to love using the hashtag DontCrackUnderPressure. Image Source: TikTok It was around summer that teenagers — and everyone else besides — started turning themselves into Gucci models by putting together iconic Gucci looks with whatever they had in their closets.

It all started on TikTok. Image Source: Instagram As you can probably tell, the challenge went viral and was also mentioned by Gucci itself. Image Source: Instagram A key takeaway here is that hashtags can totally increase engagement while spreading the word about your brand and content.

Idea 5: Promote a limited edition offer through a webinar A great way for startups and small businesses to reach a wider audience and boost brand awareness is to promote a limited edition offer through a webinar.

Example: Lemlist Cold email platform, Lemlist, is known for its expertise in creating anticipation for their product and services. Image Source: Lemlist Their successful go-to-market GTM strategy and the way they engage with their Lemlist family prove it.

Earlier in spring , the Lemlist team organized a webinar that was based on the idea of creating an event packed with value and insight that would lead to an exclusive offer for the Lemlist cold email masterclass at the end: Image Source: Guillaume Moubeche The initial plan was to wait until the end of the webinar to announce the masterclass as a surprise for the around 4, webinar attendees.

Idea 6: Give away a gift card There might be endless prize ideas companies can use in terms of what kind of gifts they could give their contestants or members of their audience.

Example: Select Health Select Health is a non-profit that provides medical insurance plans and a wide range of health-related resources. The prizes vary depending on the case, but, most of the time, Select Health offers vouchers… Image Source: Instagram … and gift cards: Image Source: Facebook This allows the nonprofit to bring more people to their Facebook page and also raises awareness of their cause.

How exactly do they do that? Idea 7: Partner up with an influencer on Instagram — AKA Instagram Giveaway According to Google, 4 in 10 millennial subscribers state that their favorite digital creators, like YouTubers etc.

Image Source: Instagram We probably need to mention that Ferragni was one of the first fashion and lifestyle influencers who today has over Below is our second to last idea. Bonus: Download 4 free, customizable social media contest templates to help you get started promoting your contests on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

An Instagram giveaway or an Instagram contest is a type of promotion involving a brand or creator gifting a product or service to an Instagram user.

Users can enter the contest based on criteria defined by the giveaway organizer. Start by deciding what the goal of your contest is. More followers? Increased sales numbers for a specific product or service? Whatever it may be, figure out early on what you want to gain.

That will make tracking the success of the contest far easier. Clear rules are essential. When posting about the giveaway on Instagram, it may be best to include the deadlines and promotion guidelines in the caption. This will make them easy to find for your followers.

When sharing the contest on your website, a dedicated landing page, or other social media platforms, include any important rules upfront. If your contest is only open to certain geographic areas, be sure to include that information clearly. This part should be fun!

Decide what it is your followers will be competing for. It could be a product or assortment of products, a gift card, a service, or something else.

General prizes like cash or Amazon gift cards will lure in random followers looking for a chance to win a quick buck. Offering products and prizes related to what your page revolves around is more effective—it ensures that anyone who enters and follows you for the contest is engaged with what it is you do.

Try for free. Promote your Instagram giveaway as widely as possible. to make sure that no one misses it. A post shared by Lucy Chapman lucindaparkerchapman.

Hootsuite is the perfect resource to help run and track contests. Contest posts can be scheduled with the Planner.

Learn more about how Hootsuite can help you with Instagram contests and, well, all of your other social media efforts :. You can choose how many winners you want and adjust criteria like mentions and hashtags. The following 11 giveaways demonstrate different contest strategies, entry methods, prize ideas and creative ways to promote your giveaway.

This is the simplest form of IG giveaway. Your audience enters by interacting with the post through liking, commenting or sharing—and post importantly, following.

A post shared by KAZO kazowoman. If your promotion is a success it can be both a blessing and a burden. On the one hand, you have lots of new leads. But on the other hand, you have a lot of customer service requests coming in and need to be prepared to handle these with professionalism and speed.

Here are some tips for doing so Make the most of new technology such as Chatbots to automate some of the customer service process. This may be hard to do if this is the first time you are running a giveaway, but over time you will become familiar with the types of questions asked at every stage of the campaign.

By automating low-risk parts of your customer service interactions you create space for your team to handle the more important requests. Make an effort to connect with your giveaway participants using Live Chat on your website and contest landing page. Live Chat not only provides a quick and easy way for potential customers to ask questions, but it also helps you engage with users and improve your conversion rates.

Live Video is a great way to create a personal connection with your audience without physically meeting them. Ok, now to the fun part - the prizes! Your prize needs to have a high perceived value. It needs to excite your prospects, and persuade them to engage with your contest. If you sell clothes, then this is an obvious one.

Clothing giveaway example. Built with ShortStack's Giveaway template. You may even give away a gift card for another business, like Amazon for example. Bundle a few high-value items together! Just make sure the bundle components complement each other, like this Halloween movie-deal example:. There is no better way to ensure that giveaway participants have an interest in your product or service than to offer it as a prize.

KitchenAid followed this simple formula below:. One way to increase the chance of a participant liking your prize is to give them a choice. Pick a prize giveaway example. Built with ShortStack's Pick Your Prize template View and Create Your Own. This giveaway prize idea is especially good if you run a service business.

Instead of giving away a physical product, you could offer a free trial or bundle a package of the service you offer. Anatomy did this with personal training sessions:. Food and hampers have been given away as prizes in raffles or sweepstakes for as long as any of us can remember, so why not now?

Well, it depends on your business, but for this office catering company, it made perfect sense! For event companies or entertainment venues, giving away tickets is the perfect prize that complements your business offering.

But if you are in the travel industry like Topdeck, Busabout, and Etihad Airways, then they make perfect sense:. Annual events are a topical reason to run a promotional giveaway and engage your audience.

If you are running a giveaway for a specific event, then make sure you tailor the prize to align with the event! The final promotional giveaway idea on the list is to offer a prize that gives participants exposure.

This tactic is very common with photo contests when you have a big social following. Or, when you produce a collated output at the end of the giveaway which provides people with additional exposure. See the example below from a pet company that featured photo contest participants in a yearly calendar:.

Promotional giveaways are a great way to engage with your prospective customers, generate leads, and nurture those leads into paying customers. We hope these 30 promotional giveaway ideas will give you a leg up on your competition!

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Learn what they are and how to stay in compliance with this quick read. Learn how you can use query string parameters in your next entry form to collect better data and engage users. Uncover the secrets to viral giveaways with 17 comment-to-win contest ideas. Elevate your brand effortlessly and attract a flood of new leads and followers.

Join Fine tune your campaign. Design an interactive campaign fully tailored to your brand. Engage your traffic. Get leads. Create the perfect interactive content to pull leads in.

Contests and giveaways are your entry point to new audiences. In this blog, we give you ideas, examples, and case studies you can use today! Social media giveaway ideas · 1. Brand partnership bundle · 2. Travel to a dream destination · 3. Win a mystery box · 4. Reward loyal customers Top 30 giveaway ideas · Offering a coupon code · Asking followers to participate in photo contests · Requesting captions for photos · Using a photo

Sample giveaway programs - Our list of some of the most memorable giveaway and sweepstakes examples hosted by some of the biggest brands in the world Contests and giveaways are your entry point to new audiences. In this blog, we give you ideas, examples, and case studies you can use today! Social media giveaway ideas · 1. Brand partnership bundle · 2. Travel to a dream destination · 3. Win a mystery box · 4. Reward loyal customers Top 30 giveaway ideas · Offering a coupon code · Asking followers to participate in photo contests · Requesting captions for photos · Using a photo

Giveaways are great practices that can help businesses gather UGC fast and easy with the help of social media.

This giveaway allowed their followers to showcase their skills while giving them a chance to win a 7-day photo expedition to Yosemite National Park. By organizing a giveaway together with a popular influencer from your niche, you can drastically improve your social media results as well as increase your profits.

Such influencer collaborations allow you to expose your brand to a new audience, associate your business with a positive role model and gain the trust of their followers. Do you have some upcoming holidays coming up?

Perfect, here is your chance to engage with your audience by running a fun social media giveaway. These Instagram giveaway ideas can be used on any social media platform. Just make sure you choose the networks where your audience is active most of the time. Without a doubt, social media giveaways are still worth it.

That is because they create hype around a product or brand and improve visibility. Not to mention that they are simple and effective ways to reach your goals in a short time frame.

So, follow the steps mentioned above and put our giveaway ideas to the test while creating your next giveaway. Also, you might want to make sure that you use the right tools to plan, share and monitor your giveaway posts with the right social media tool. Luckily for you, SocialBee offers a day free trial which allows you to take advantage of all the amazing content creation and scheduling features that will help your giveaway posts stand out on any platform.

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What Is a Social Media Giveaway? interact with the post, make a purchase, send a story, etc in order to: Create buzz around a brand Increase social media reach and engagement Generate new leads Boost sales By running giveaways, businesses get to benefit from immediate results because the audience has a good reason to participate winning the prize.

Social Media Giveaway Rules The rules you set for your social media sweepstakes should help you achieve your marketing goals.

How Can You Choose a Giveaway Winner? Pro Tip: A giveaway is also subject to promotional terms and conditions, depending on the platform it takes place on. So, make sure to check out the promotional guidelines of each platform before running a giveaway.

What to Include in a Social Media Giveaway Post? These details are: The start and end date of the giveaway Any qualifying rules that can make your giveaway entrants eligible to win age or country How the winner will be selected and the rules for entering the giveaway When and how the winners will be announced Prize details — the number of prizes and what the giveaway prize includes Are Social Media Giveaways Still Worth It?

Giveaways Increase Reach and Engagement Levels Hosting a giveaway is a great way to increase engagement. Giveaways Raise Brand Awareness Giveaway posts are also used to raise brand awareness , as they lead to more people finding out about a brand.

Giveaways Are a Great Way to Collect User-Generated Content There is a reason why user-generated content is so used by brands.

How To Organize and Run Social Media Giveaways Here is how to create a social media giveaway in 10 simple steps: Establish Your Giveaway Goals Know What Your Audience Wants Choose the Giveaway Type Establish Your Prizes Choose the Right Social Media Platforms Create Giveaway Posts Create a Branded Hashtag for Your Giveaway Schedule Your Posts with a Social Media Management Tool Promote Your Giveaway Measure Your Results To get the benefits mentioned above, you have to focus on creating an effective giveaway strategy.

Establish Your Giveaway Goals As we mentioned before, setting goals will help you identify the right rules for your giveaway. So before you come up with your giveaway structure, answer the following questions: What are the three main things you want to accomplish?

What does your audience have to do to help you achieve the goals mentioned above? How can you motivate your followers to get involved in your giveaway? Know What Your Audience Wants Knowing what your audience wants will give you a clear idea of what prizes you can offer and what type of giveaway you should run.

Choose the Giveaway Type Based on your goals and target audience, you have to find the best giveaway format that suits your needs. Here are the main five types of social media giveaways brands use to promote their brand: Sales giveaways: Brands plan sales giveaways they want to boost their sales for a short time frame.

Brand awareness giveaways: This type of giveaway is meant to spread the word about your brand. Holiday Giveaways: These giveaways are meant to boost sales during the holiday season. Celebratory giveaways: Brands usually run giveaways and promotions when celebrating milestones in their business journey e.

To decide the way you are going to approach this, you have to consider the following three essential elements: Advantages: What strengths can you use to boost your results? Maybe you are very popular on a certain social platform.

Shortages: Are there any limitations that hold you back? What is the next best alternative for you? Opportunities: What external factors can improve your results?

Maybe you have a good relationship with certain influencers or brands that will help you turn your giveaway into a team effort. Resources: Do you have any internal resources e. brand ambassadors, affiliates, a promotional budget, etc that can benefit your giveaway?

Establish Your Prizes The first step is to think of while choosing your prize is to discover what works best for your audience. Choose the Right Social Media Platforms To make sure your giveaway gets the exposure it deserves, choose your platforms carefully.

You could also create a few test posts and monitor: How they perform on each platform Which post format worked best What were the best times to share content Pro Tip: Giveaways are very popular on Instagram. Also, make sure you experiment with all content formats to spread the word about your giveaway, such as feed posts, reels, and stories.

Pro tip: Look through your best-performing posts and use them as templates for your giveaway content to ensure the best results. Create a Branded Hashtag for Your Giveaway If you want to measure the results of your giveaway, a simple way to do so is by creating a specific branded hashtag for it.

Schedule Your Posts with a Social Media Management Tool To ensure you make the most out of your giveaway posts, you have to plan your content strategically. Share Your Social Giveaway Posts with SocialBee! Create posts, publish, analyze, engage and collaborate, all from SocialBee. Get started for free.

To promote your giveaway, you can: Use all your social media channels to spread the word Announce it on your website by adding a pop-up Create a blog post dedicated to your giveaway Send out a newsletter and include the news about your giveaway Run ads to boost your visibility Measure Your Results Monitoring your social media performance is an essential part of your strategy.

Here are five questions you should answer to evaluate your giveaway performance: Did you manage to reach your objectives? Could you have done something different to optimize your results?

What were the strengths of your campaign? What were the weaknesses of your campaign? What social media channels had the most impact? In terms of how often a brand organizes a giveaway, Raising brand awareness ranks second place, according to A giveaway is usually available for approximately 7 days.

The average view on a giveaway listing stands at average per listing. The range is , views. The giveaway participants are older than 18 , while the average age stands at 30 years old.

Giveaway Ideas and Examples We talked enough about the theory. Best Photo Caption Social media contest rules can be fun. User-Generated Content User-generated content can help brands increase brand awareness and gain credibility on the market. Influencer Partnerships By organizing a giveaway together with a popular influencer from your niche, you can drastically improve your social media results as well as increase your profits.

Holiday-Themed Giveaways Do you have some upcoming holidays coming up? Article written by. Article by. Related articles. Level up your social media game with exclusive resources delivered straight to your inbox.

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A YouTuber named Greg The Gameaholic was able to use an engage to win contest to increase his subscriber count by 11, subscribers and his follower count by 24, social media followers. He also allowed participants to receive bonus entries by completing specific actions, such as entering a password only given during a livestream.

Recommended tool: Contests by RewardsFuel. These types of contests are really effective at generating a lot of buzz for your brand across whichever social media channels you run them on.

They allow you to receive user-generated content, or content about your brand that customers upload themselves. It works like this: you come up with a theme for your target audience to use, which could be as simple as asking them to upload a photo of themselves using your product or service. You could even turn it into a challenge, such as a clothing company asking its customers to show how they wear their latest designs.

A video social media contest works in a similar way, only customers are asked to post videos instead of photos. In fact, our recommended tool for this type of giveaway, Contests by RewardsFuel, allows you to use hashtags as an entry method.

When you use this entry method, participants will not be entered into the giveaway unless they upload an Instagram post that includes a hashtag you specify. The contest post itself received over 25, likes, and the hashtag received hundreds of posts on Instagram.

You can create a variety of different hashtag challenges for customers to complete in order to be entered into a giveaway.

For example, you can run a digital scavenger hunt by having participants upload a photo completing a specific action, all while using a specific hashtag. The challenge could be brand specific, but you can also make things more fun and interesting by having participants complete random challenges, such as having them take a photo of themselves holding a specific book in a bookshop.

Entry methods included following both accounts on Twitter, retweeting the post and tagging two friends. However, Investor NnKay also challenged participants by asking them to share why they believed they should have been chosen as a winner by using a specific hashtag in the comments of the tweet.

Your brand is already celebrating whatever accomplishment you achieved, so why not extend the celebration to your customer base by offering them a chance to win a free product or service? However, if you have niche-specific goals you share with your audience or customer base, be sure to celebrate those as well.

You could even tease a giveaway by challenging your following to get the word out about your brand, such as promising to give away a free product once you hit , subscribers on YouTube.

Fortunately, the giveaway itself can be quite simple: just combine this theme with an engage to win giveaway by asking subscribers to like your giveaway post, follow you on all relevant social media platforms, subscribe to your YouTube channel, etc.

As for what you should give away, simply pick one to three copies of your best product or service to offer participants, or find a brand to collaborate with. To enter, participants had to like the giveaway post on Instagram, follow Janette on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, and leave a comment about one thing she influenced her followers to do or buy or why they follow her.

The post received more than 9, likes, which was double the average number of likes Janette received at the time. A collaborative giveaway is a giveaway you host in collaboration with a partner, typically a brand that complements yours.

This could be due to your target audiences aligning or your products and services pairing well together. Hosting social media giveaways like this means finding a partner to collaborate with first and foremost. Use this when you pitch your collaboration idea to brand partners.

If you are a brand, consider what products and services you offer, and search for brands or influencers whose products and services or content match yours or complement them. You can put the same media kit together for your pitch, but fill yours with more details about your conversion rates and demographics of your customers.

To promote the launch of Diablo IV, video game company Blizzard teamed up with streamers to give copies of the game away. MrGM has over 50, followers on Twitter, and in eight hours, the post received , views, over 2, likes, over 2, retweets and over 30 quotes.

Seasonal giveaways, just like seasonal sales, should be one of your biggest giveaways of the year. This either means offering your most expensive product or service or simply a large quantity of them.

You can even get in touch with a few brands to see if they want to partner on a big holiday giveaway. Just ask your subscribers to like your giveaway post, follow you on all relevant social media platforms and tag a few friends.

For an effective holiday marketing strategy, pair your giveaway with a huge seasonal sale on your products or services. Instead of simply asking subscribers to like and follow in your post, you can insert your giveaway widget on a page that also advertises products you have on sale.

The post was part three of a month-long giveaway Tieghan was hosting during the month of December. Recurring giveaways are continuous contests you run on social media in which you choose winners on a daily or weekly basis. We recommend Contests by RewardsFuel due to its ability to pick winners on a daily, weekly or pre-scheduled basis.

Here, in Best price online particular order, programz my 11 best Instagram giveaways Saple so far. In other words, they had to deal Best price online progrms of Sample giveaway programs leads wanting to opt-out of their email Samlpe SMS Promotional giveaway offers campaigns. In the giveaway and sweepstakes examples above, the prizes were carefully selected to match the expectations of the brand. The most recent image sizes for different social media networks, including Instagram, X f. For the giveaway below, the creator made a Reel that first engages users with strong visuals and sounds an ASMR-ish cooking video and includes a contest in the description. When contests and giveaways first hit the digital scene, a number of social media contest solutions entered the market. 20 Giveaway Ideas for Small Businesses to Win New Customers


How To Run Instagram Contest Giveaways And Grow Your Following - 11.2 Foodiepreneur’s Finest Program

Sample giveaway programs - Our list of some of the most memorable giveaway and sweepstakes examples hosted by some of the biggest brands in the world Contests and giveaways are your entry point to new audiences. In this blog, we give you ideas, examples, and case studies you can use today! Social media giveaway ideas · 1. Brand partnership bundle · 2. Travel to a dream destination · 3. Win a mystery box · 4. Reward loyal customers Top 30 giveaway ideas · Offering a coupon code · Asking followers to participate in photo contests · Requesting captions for photos · Using a photo

Using exit-intent popups on your website, you can show your gift card giveaway campaign to the right people at the right time. That way, people who want to leave might attend your giveaway, and you can win them back. For example, show a popup like this one on your collection page to grab your visitors' attention.

When visitors want to leave, you can offer them gift cards that can be used on specific cart amounts on their purchases. By seeing that they won a gift card, people can keep on shopping, and you can reduce the cart abandonment rate of your small business!

Collecting customer feedback and reviews might be a struggle for you as a small business owner. But if you offer special discounts or gifts to those who leave a review or feedback, you can start collecting them with ease! Create an email marketing campaign asking your customers to leave a product review or feedback, and indicate that you'll give away special discounts, products, or free shipping coupon codes in return.

For example, you can display a popup like this one on your website and ask your visitors to leave their feedback to get a chance to win a discount. Keep your popup's description short and sweet, and use clear call-to-action buttons to encourage your visitors! You might organize bigger giveaways like contests to collect reviews and feedback for sure.

For instance, you can ask your visitors through email to share their reviews or feedback to enter your giveaway. Add playfulness to your giveaway campaigns by adding fun quizzes to your website! By combining irresistible offers with witty questions, you can encourage visitors to take the desired action.

These quizzes can be about brand trivia, and you can offer exclusive discounts for winners. You can share your fun quizzes to organize a giveaway campaign on social media.

You can add popups to your website for that purpose and offer a chance to win something in return to people who fill out your quiz popups. For example, let's say you run a coffee-related business and plan to give away coffee packs to winners of your giveaway. You can add a multistep popup that starts with announcing your giveaway and explaining how people can attend it.

Your second step of the popup can be a related question, as shown below:. You can end your multistep popup with only one question for sure, but you might add other questions to keep the fun going!

Add another related question and lead visitors to the final step, which asks for an email address to enter the giveaway:. Using a popup like this one, you can collect email addresses and increase user engagement with catchy quizzes.

Gamification in marketing is a solid strategy to encourage customers to engage with your brand! People love playing games and winning something in return, so combining your giveaways with gamification can be your go-to strategy.

You can add gamification popups to your website, which will skyrocket your user interaction as a unique giveaway example! Remember to use a witty or catchy headline to take your visitors' attention immediately.

Then, explain what you offer on your gamification popup with a short description, and add a CTA button to start the game! You can give your giveaway discount code on your winner step of a popup campaign.

For those who couldn't win, you can create another popup step that says "Sorry" or "Try again on another campaign" to interact with them. The key to effective gamification campaigns is using an attractive design with short, engaging copies.

Apart from these, the gamification elements like lottery ball or spin to win will do the trick! To win back lost or inactive users, you can offer them special discounts by sending re-engagement emails.

Thanks to re-engagement emails, you can make inactive users interested in your product or service again. Use sincere language and emphasize your offer with a clear statement. Giving away special discounts can make your inactive audience excited.

For example, Adidas sends a re-engagement email to its customer loyalty program members' offering special discounts on their hand-picked items. The email's headline, "You have access," is catchy enough to lead visitors to take action.

You can use attention-grabbing headlines with welcoming language to interact with your visitors and win them back with an email campaign. You can run a photo or video contest that users will share using your product.

That way, your audience will create user-generated content, aka UGC, to boost your brand visibility online. You can ask users to show their favorite products or display a product in use to attend your giveaway.

By organizing this giveaway, the brand aims to increase the user-generated content for its branded hashtag, which is a great strategy to boost engagement in social media channels. Organizing a similar giveaway and offering exclusive discounts to those who share photos of your products can be an easy-to-adapt giveaway strategy.

Start a referral program and organize giveaways for those who refer your product or service to other people. Word-of-mouth marketing works wonders, and you can grow your small business with the help of your existing audience.

Offer them special discounts or gifts, and once you refer your product or service to others, it will be a win-win situation for sure! For example, the cereal brand Surreal sends its subscribers this email for referral giveaways:. The email starts with the headline "We're bribing you," a brilliant and witty example.

After grabbing their audience's attention with this headline, the brand explains the referral giveaways' details and adds a clear call to action button.

By applying a similar email marketing campaign, you can encourage your audience to refer you to their audience. You can partner with other businesses for mutual benefits. As a result, both businesses can increase their engagement! By finding a business partner that has a similar audience to yours, you can create giveaway campaigns.

Partners can announce the giveaway on their channels, and both parties can boost interaction eventually. Pattern Brands' partnership with other brands for a giveaway can be shown as a great example. The brand partners with various brands and offers an exclusive set of many products from these brands.

The details of the giveaway are given in bullet points, making it easier to read. Also, clear CTA buttons are added to the email. The total value of the giveaway is also stated, which can excite people to try their luck on this campaign.

You can also achieve your business goals by teaming up with other small businesses. Sure, an awesome prize will bring in more leads. However, if you invest just a bit more in marketing, your giveaway can get much more exposure.

More exposure can lead to more referrals and social media shares. This means more leads and social media followers. See our case studies for examples of brands using these to collecting 50k emails and social followers in 3 weeks. All the giveaways above giveaways might seem very different from each other.

However, they do share some similarities. These growth hacks can potentially be the recipe for hosting a successful giveaway.

While there were some giveaways that were hosted exclusively on social media, most of the giveaways above had their own dedicated landing page. Their entry method requires participants to submit some form of media.

People had to create their own Lego build to enter the Lego Contest. Apart from getting other people to produce tons of branded UGC for them, these brands used their giveaways to create a buzz around their brand.

Imagine a bunch of friends getting together to create the ultimate Lego build. The Lego brand name will be deeply rooted in the minds of those people for the hours it takes to create their build.

In the giveaway and sweepstakes examples above, the prizes were carefully selected to match the expectations of the brand. You can see that the goal of every brand was to attract the most significant amount of high-quality leads with their prize.

Determine the main goal of your giveaway. Then structure your giveaway to achieve that goal. Use all of your marketing channels to get the word out. Let everyone know that your giveaway is live. Announce the winner of your giveaway by email, social media, website, etc. Determine a goal for your giveaway.

This can be anything from increasing social media followers, website traffic, or email lists. You can also host a giveaway to direct people towards completing specific tasks. For example, using a giveaway to get more views on a YouTube video or more app downloads.

A giveaway that encourages participants to refer new leads is an excellent way of growing your current customer base. If your goal is to acquire more customers, then this might be the way to go for you.

You can also treat giveaways as a PR marketing campaign. The goal here would be to use your giveaway to promote your brand. People can discover your brand through the giveaways, you host. Your prize is probably the most crucial factor in your giveaway.

Selecting a relevant prize will ensure that your giveaway attracts your target audience. Choose a prize that your target audience finds desirable. From the examples above, the DC Comics giveaway had one of the best giveaway prizes.

They offered a prize that would be most desired by Suicide Squad fans the target audience. Now that DC has the attention of their target audience, they can then effectively market their product which was the latest Suicide Squad Blu-ray.

Selecting a generally used product as your prize can potentially draw a larger audience to your giveaway. The numbers might seem exciting, but you run the risk of attracting too many poor-quality leads. Create rules for your giveaway that are reasonable, attainable, and compliant with the law.

List the start and end dates of your giveaway, along with instructions on how to enter. You must also list the date the winner will be announced and the method in which the prize will be delivered.

Read this post to learn more about the laws around giveaways and how to create rules for your giveaway. Launch your giveaway by creating a post on social media or your website.

Let your current audience know that you are running a giveaway and ask them to refer their friends to enter. A couple of social media and website posts might not be enough to promote your giveaway. You must use all of your established marketing channels like email or traditional media to inform your audience about your giveaway.

It is recommended that you send out emails or create social media posts before launch , during engagement and reminders , and after your giveaway winner announcement.

Announce the winner of your giveaway on the platform you would have stated in your rules. For example, send out an email to all entrants or create a social media post or both. When announcing the winner, you must always remember to thank everyone for taking part.

It is recommended that you offer all participants a gift for taking the time to enter. So there you have it. A full analysis of some of the best giveaway and sweepstakes examples from around the web.

We hope you found our analysis intuitive. Our goal is to help you pick up on a few great ideas that you can use in your next giveaway. Hopefully, you, too, can replicate the same sort of success that other brands have had when hosting a giveaway. We understand that this was a long post, and we are delighted that you have made it to the end.

As a token of our appreciation, we would like to share with you our Giveaway Partner Database! You can team up with other brands to host a larger giveaway. Jack Paxton is the co-founder of VYPER, a marketing tool that helps brands build email lists, social followings, and revenue using viral giveaways, referral, and reward programs.

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Your email address will not be published. An Amazon product giveaway is a promotional campaign hosted on the Amazon platform where sellers can offer free products to Amazon customers. It allows Amazon to create excitement, increase product visibility, and attract potential buyers to their products.

Offer an exclusive experience related to your business. For example, a behind-the-scenes tour, a private consultation, or a personalized service can create a unique and memorable prize.

Falstaff Exclusive Experience Giveaway offers a chance to win a remarkable weekend getaway. The prize includes a luxurious stay at a 5-star resort, offering personalized spa treatments, exquisite dining, and private excursions.

This exclusive experience promises a time of indulgence and relaxation, providing an opportunity to create unforgettable memories. Here, the prize is obviously of great value since it is all about the luxury experience, and the terms and conditions are quite clear: help the company collect some information through a survey — get a chance to win.

Encourage people to follow your social media accounts by offering a giveaway exclusive to your followers. This can increase your social media presence and engagement. As a thank you to the community, Mightyfoodie offers a chance to win a delectable sushi set filled with mouthwatering treats.

To enter, customers simply follow the social media accounts, like the giveaway post, and repost it. Reward customers who refer their friends or family to your business.

Each referral can earn participants an entry into the giveaway, motivating them to spread the word about your products or services. PPA Tour offers to refer a family member or friend to register to play in the Atlanta Open.

Once your register, you both receive one entry into the giveaway. Here, the target audience is obvious since the banner speaks to the club's current members. Invite customers to leave a review or testimonial about your business and enter them into a giveaway for doing so.

This can generate valuable user-generated content and build trust with potential customers. Cosmetic brand Body Essentials Organic offers customers to leave a review about the product. The best two make it as our 'Review of the Week' and walk away with bragging rights and favorite products. The company uses a promotional video with the brand colors and apparent instructions on what to do to win.

They get positive reviews — you get a chance to win easily. Give away a gift card or store credit that winners can use to make a purchase on your website or at your physical store.

This allows the winners to choose the product or service they prefer. Amazon offers customers to win a gift card that they can use to shop for anything their heart desires. Entering is usually easy: follow Amazon's social media accounts and like the giveaway post. For additional entries, tag your friends who would love to win too.

The more friends you tag, the higher your chances of winning. make this giveaway stand out. Post a funny or creative image related to your brand and ask participants to submit captions.

Choose the best entry as the winner of the giveaway. The following brand shares fun and quirky photos; customers need to come up with the most clever caption. The most hilarious and creative entry will be crowned the winner. This one is one of the most interesting and unusual simultaneously.

Giveaway success heavily depends on the nice visual, the prize value, and the brand awareness. Encourage participants to share photos or videos related to your products or services. You can have themes like "best use of our product" or "how our service helped you.

Run a giveaway aligned with holidays or special occasions. This could include seasonal products, festive decorations, or themed experiences.

Kazowoman offers customers to embrace the holiday spirit in style with a chance to win a fabulous collection of Christmas-themed apparel. To participate, customers follow the simple steps: follow the page, like and save the post, and tag a minimum of 3 friends, each in separate comments.

The winner will be chosen randomly and receive a merry wardrobe upgrade just in time for the holiday season. The main features of this giveaway are a sleek brand-associated visual, simple instruction, and a treasured prize. Adding a holiday theme to all of those, such a combination almost guarantees you to make a good giveaway.

Celebrate reaching a specific milestone, such as hitting a certain number of followers or customers, by hosting a giveaway to thank your audience for their support. If a company made a good visual here, this example would be even better, but clear instruction and a valuable prize to the community still do this one a good favor.

Remember to comply with relevant laws and platform guidelines when conducting giveaways, and ensure that the rules and terms are clear to all participants. Promote your giveaway through various channels, such as your website, social media, email newsletters, and collaborations with influencers, to maximize participation and engagement.

The timing of your giveaway launches can significantly impact their effectiveness and reach. Firstly, consider aligning your giveaway with special occasions or holidays.

Holidays like Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's Day, and Thanksgiving are ideal times to run giveaways, as people are often in a festive and giving mood, making them more receptive to participating. Similarly, tying your giveaway to specific events, such as launching a new product, your business anniversary, or even a local community event, can create a sense of excitement and relevance, increasing participation and engagement.

Secondly, consider the days of the week and times of day when your target audience is most active. Analyze your social media insights or website traffic data to identify peak engagement periods. Launching your giveaway during these times can maximize visibility and participation.

For instance, if your audience is more active on social media during evenings and weekends, consider launching your giveaway on a Friday evening to capture their attention when they're more likely to be online.

Lastly, the duration of your giveaway also plays a role in its success. A typical giveaway duration ranges from one to two weeks. Shorter giveaways create a sense of urgency and immediate excitement, while longer ones sustain interest over a more extended period.

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