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According to Robert Cialdini, quoting results from the Asch conformity experiments , he shows that people are more likely to follow something that is already popular. People are more likely to follow something that is already popular. For example, in this review of the Earn1K course, Dave clearly mentions results from other reviewers:.

This was a great try, but something that works even better is to actually quote the other reviews. This holds particularly true for product reviews where listing alternatives accomplish two objectives:. Listing alternatives is a rather straightforward process. The same thing happens With our Ahrefs Review and KWFinder review.

By now, you have a powerful, persuasive review that gives tons of value to your readers. But before you can hit publish, you also need to format the review for maximum impact. Try to aim for a ratio between pictures and images.

That is, for every three-four paragraphs, include an image. Sites like Trustedreviews. com use this tactic with great success, and a study has shown that user-generated images greatly improve conversions by a lot.

You can do this by breaking down the review into separate subsections. We do this for most of our long posts. I must admit I have skipped that one for Authority Hacker and have had complaints about it, so I will take my own advice and implement those soon!

When listing out features, benefits, and ratings, use symbols and icons to add visual flair to the page. Use a plugin such as Thrive Content Builder to make this process easier.

Star ratings or scores out of 5 or 10 are used in almost every product review. Your audience implicitly understands what they mean. Both work equally well. You can also add your star rating to your search results with the all-in-one schema. org WordPress plugin.

Lastly, make sure to use multiple CTAs throughout the review. You should have at most 3 CTA — one each at the top, middle, and bottom of the post. Use the simple, value-driven text on the CTA.

Make sure that the CTA stands out on the page. I have also noticed that animating the call to action and the call to action alone increased the number of clicks on our affiliate links. See all posts. Now it is your turn to get started building your own Authority Website.

Click the button below to join the training and let us show you the authority site model. Gael Breton. Updated October 23, October 23, Empathy: Whether the person can relate to you and your problems.

Article by Gael Breton. Hey I'm Gael, one of the guys behind Authority Hacker. I make a living working from my laptop in various places in the world and I will use this website to teach you how you could do the same. Related Posts. Related Videos. Ready To Start Your Journey?

Get The Free Training. Actionable Online Marketing. Learn Blog. Member Login. Company About Us. Affiliate Program. Here are some ways you can include custom GEO name variables in your positive review responses.

Your business should develop a series of solid positive review response templates in your Intelligent Auto Responses database. The ideal response tells your customer that you put their satisfaction first and are committed to providing them with a quality experience.

You should thank your customers for their reviews, whether good or bad. It shows that you care about receiving feedback. Here are some things you can say.

Positive reinforcement is always good. Inviting your customers to visit your business again is a core part of customer retention. It makes your customers feel valued and welcomed.

Showing your gratitude will gain you lifelong customers. If you only received a positive review internally, ask them to post it on social media, a ratings platform, or Google even.

If they do, you only build your credentials on the aforementioned marketing platforms! And you should do it too. You can simply take a screenshot if it is already publicly available information , and post it on your social channels or even as a testimonial on your blog.

Sharing reviews is an excellent way to get your word out about your business. And who knows, sharing can create a ripple effect; your clients can repost it, creating engagement with other potential clients.

The circle goes on and on 🔄🔄🔄. It invites your customer back to your business. Because you can build partnership and affiliate relationships with other businesses who have a clear opportunity to benefit from having you mention them.

For businesses with a keen strategic sense, the utilization of affiliate marketing software like Rewardful becomes imperative. This tool proves instrumental for affiliate managers and growth managers in SaaS companies, offering the means to efficiently monitor and manage their affiliate networks.

As a linchpin for successful collaboration, Rewardful facilitates the seamless coordination required for businesses to thrive in the dynamic realm of affiliate marketing. Everyone loves confirmation that their hard work is appreciated.

If you find a review that makes you smile, spread the joy. Your employees will be just as excited as you are about the raving review. Social proof is key to driving conversions. You can use widgets like Amplify to embed and syndicate reviews on your website.

Feel free to use these positive review response examples to engage with your satisfied customers and show them your appreciation:. Use these examples as a starting point and tailor them to fit the specific comments and experiences shared by your customers.

Usersnap is your go-to for SaaS product management tools. We have several feedback templates that you can use to help your business get better in-app feedback.

Our Satisfaction Raters let you know your areas of improvement. We also have a customer support solution to help your business flourish. Better feedback forms are only one of our benefits. Addressing negative feedback is important, but addressing the people who had a positive experience with your business is just as important.

You should try to balance interacting with the positive and negative. We hope this article gave you the information you needed about positive review examples and their importance. There is a four-step response to positive reviews :.

You respond to positive reviews by sharing short, genuine expressions of gratitude that gently encourage your customers to keep choosing your business. To leave a good review, simply express your positive experience with the product, service, or business in a concise and genuine manner.

Highlight the aspects you loved the most and be specific about what impressed you. Use positive language and mention any standout features or exceptional customer service you received. A good review should be honest, authentic, and informative, helping others make informed decisions while providing valuable feedback to the business.

Taking a few minutes to share your positive experience can make a significant impact and contribute to the success of the company or service you are reviewing. A good review is a positive and favorable evaluation shared by a satisfied customer or user of a product, service, or business.

In a good review, the individual highlights the aspects they enjoyed, such as exceptional service, high-quality products, or a memorable experience.

Good reviews often serve as testimonials, providing valuable feedback and social proof to potential customers, helping them make informed decisions about choosing the same product or service.

Such reviews not only boost the reputation of the business but also inspire confidence in prospective buyers, fostering trust and loyalty in the brand. Let us know what you think, your feedback is important. Sign up today or book a demo with our feedback specialists.

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But first things first, you should understand a few things. Satisfied Customer Reviews Examples How To Respond To Positive, Negative, and Neutral Reviews?

Mention other products or services Share the positive review with your team Share the positive review with the world yourself! Positive Reviews Examples: Copy and Paste Final Thoughts Good review meaning. Need higher quality user feedback?

10 positive customer review examples from top ecommerce brands to boost sales. Get inspired and elevate your business today! 10+ best product review examples to build trust and boost conversions · 1. Ikea · 2. Amazon · 3. Ulster wavers · 4. 99designs · 5. Hello Fresh Highly recommend." “I have been a customer of [business name] for several years now. I have always received the best service, product, and

Product review email templates and examples

Product review samples - Product Reviews Examples · 1. Amazon: Star ratings and comments on product page · 2. Figma: Retweeting customer tips · 3. Gong: 'Golden Gong' 10 positive customer review examples from top ecommerce brands to boost sales. Get inspired and elevate your business today! 10+ best product review examples to build trust and boost conversions · 1. Ikea · 2. Amazon · 3. Ulster wavers · 4. 99designs · 5. Hello Fresh Highly recommend." “I have been a customer of [business name] for several years now. I have always received the best service, product, and

When you commit to responding in a way proactive and constructive reviews left by your customers, this sends a positive signal to search engines. This is how Google and other search engines value business engagement with their customers and put your business page forward.

To further improve your SEO on Google, you can write articles, but also use keywords in your responses to customer reviews.

All these combined allow you to appear in the first search results on Google. Positive reviews are written by satisfied customers who express their appreciation for the company, product, or service consumed. They highlight the positive aspects of their experience and may mention product quality, exceptional customer service, fast delivery, etc.

These positive reviews are important for the business, as they help build a good reputation on the internet and encourage other customers to leave reviews and buy. Negative reviews are left by unhappy customers who had a bad experience with the company, product, or service.

They may express their dissatisfaction with the quality of the product, poor communication with customer service, delays in delivery, etc. But don't panic, negative reviews are still important. Just respond in a professional manner and offer solutions to mitigate their negative impact.

It is also important to use its negative opinions to give credibility to its positive opinions. Here is an article which explains the importance of negative reviews.

Mixed reviews are customer reviews that fall between positive and negative reviews. They may be left by customers who had an average experience or weren't particularly impressed with the company or product. These reviews can influence the decisions of potential customers depending on their content and the aspects mentioned.

Lack of time is a factor that prevents some companies from responding to their customer reviews. Of course, time is money. But the responses to customer reviews too.

SoLike is an intelligent assistant that offers you three personalized responses for each of your customer reviews, in the language of the review. You have to install the Chrome Extension. Whether positive or negative, and then proposing three appropriate responses. This analytical capability is made possible through the use of artificial intelligence that powers the tool.

You just have to select the most appropriate with a single click. Managing comments will only take a few moments. According to user feedback, this solution has resulted in significant time savings, up to 24 hours per month, with an average of 12 hours. You can modify the suggested review reply in your language 30 languages as well as in the review language In addition, SoLike provides you with a colossal library of 11 billion answers, thus offering a wide variety of answers.

This gives you valuable time to focus on other important tasks and responsibilities. Get Free Credits. Pricing Demo Guides Blog Login EXTENSION. How to write a Google review in ?

Understand the Google algorithm and how it works 2. Where can I see Google reviews? Another reviewer had the same approach — he identified his profession, said he was bored, and wanted to make something on the side. By stating this first thing in the post, the reviewer manages to empathize with the reader.

You are a nobody in their eyes anymore, and the narrative makes people want to know what happens in the end, keeping them on your page. This is quite straightforward — simply include a section in the review that explains who the product is for.

You can do this by giving your readers a brief overview of the product. Show them what the product includes, what its capabilities are, and what results users can expect from it. I like to do it in a video because it makes me more relatable, puts my review on Youtube search, which generates traffic on its own and gives nice multimedia feel to the post.

In sales, pre-selling is defined as the process of creating an environment that helps customers choose a product.

Pre-selling is the process of creating an environment that helps customers choose a product, i. sales without selling. Pre-sales tactics are very effective in product introductions. Here are two ways you can pre-sell the product:. The best way to introduce the product is to show off your results through screenshots and videos and clear away common doubts they might have about the product.

Then we get people interested by posting a few relevant emails that result in a backlink:. In our Thrive Leads review, we accomplish the same with a short product walkthrough video:. A big part of writing a product review is explaining the product features and benefits.

Most reviewers and vendors simply list them out one by one. The right way to explain products and features is to actually show how they help solve problems. You can do this by creating a case study inside the review. This accomplishes two things:.

The second part — doing something to get something back — is actually called the principle of reciprocity. This is to say: if you do something for someone, they feel obligated to give back.

This is the principle of reciprocity in a nutshell. People have read our product reviews and got so much value from them that they feel like they owe us a sale. The best way to do this is to create a short tutorial that walks readers through a sample use case of the product. For example, our Buzzstream review shows readers how we used the product to get backlinks for Health Ambition.

Not only do we list out the steps we followed, but we also show our results:. In our Buzzstream review, we offered readers a quick overview of the outreach process, then showed them how to use Buzzstream for successful outreach.

We never tried to hard sell the product. Instead, we just focused on helping people with the outreach process. Selling Buzzstream was just an added benefit.

These reviews often praise aspects such as outstanding customer service, high-quality products, or a pleasant overall experience. When commenting on a 5-star review, expressing gratitude for the positive feedback and acknowledging the specific praises mentioned in the review is essential.

We are thrilled to hear that you enjoyed your stay at [Hotel Name] and had a memorable experience. Our team works hard to provide exceptional service and amenities, and receiving such positive feedback is always rewarding. We truly appreciate your recommendation and look forward to welcoming you back for another unforgettable stay in the future.

When customers take the time to leave you a positive review, it is important to show your appreciation. Co-Founder of EmbedSocial and Head of Growth. A previous owner of a Facebook Partner Company and a digital marketing agency.

Marketing API geek and a Call of Duty fan. Kate Bojkov. November 6, Table Of Contents. What is a Review? And What Makes a Positive Review? Positive Review Examples by Industries How To Respond To Positive Reviews?

FAQ about Positive Reviews Key Takeaways. Embed Google Reviews in seconds. Start 7-day free trial. What are the benefits of generating reviews? How to get more reviews? What makes a good review? What should I write in a positive review? Should you respond to negative reviews?

What are 5-star positive review examples? How do you comment on a 5-star review example? Table of Contents Toggle Table of Content Toggle What is a Review? share Facebook 0 Twitter 0 Pinterest 0 LinkedIn 1. Related Articles. Related tutorials Learn how to embed social media feeds from different platforms.

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By stating this first thing in the post, Product testing panel rview manages to empathize with the reader. Samles would have Clearance pantry storage shelf more products if I was not in hurry. Which example do teview like Product review samples The customer journey is nothing more than a series of questions that must be answered. Google My Business is a tool made available by Google for companies that have a page on their platform. Figma treats its customers like creators, and is rewarded with increased brand loyalty and a lack of customer churn. Simple thank yous can go a long way and encourage them to leave reviews in the future.


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