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Note: Of course, if you have already offered a discount to get them to sign up, you will want to exclude them from general welcome emails and instead use this time to remind them of the discount they are eligible for.

Now, if you want to take this email marketing to pro level, you will also want to personalize your welcome emails.

This can mean optimizing or personalizing any of the following:. This is easier to do if you are using a robust eCommerce email marketing platform such as Campaign Monitor that allows for customized personalization. The next couple of sales promotion examples highlight the value of bundling and cross-selling.

Not just in terms of AOVs, but building brand value while boosting loyalty. The trick is running the right promotions at the right point in the shopping journey to boost customer experience.

You also want to make sure you balance creativity with logic in terms of your bundling while still maintaining brand value. Bundles are a balancing act. You want to incentivize with an offer without undervaluing your products or your brand in the eyes of the shopper.

A good way to do this is by ensuring your bundled products are promoted with a single price. This is something that subscription stores are experts on: one box of goodies for one monthly price.

By pushing limited-edition bundling, you get all the benefits mentioned above, while also creating a sense of urgency. This is exactly what the Sephora makeup brand does. They also have a lot of backend collaboration with big markup brand names to create branded limited-edition bundles.

Here is some recent Instagram marketing they did showing just one of these collaborations. As you can see, it is not enough to just have these limited edition product bundles on your store; you need to drive awareness to these product pages with the right ads. Not just Facebook, but Google Performance Max Google Shopping as well.

BOGO Buy One, Get One deals are a regular eCommerce promotion type, both on- and off-site. They can appear in ads or on-site to target every potential customer at varying buying stages and include a number of different promotion structures.

Some BOGO deals include:. The secret to their success is ensuring they have the right ads to bring the right traffic to their store. In fact, they have been seeing 5X ROAS from their eCommerce ads. Try Traffic Booster. Online store giants Dollar Shave Club are all about bundled upselling and have included inexpensive once-offers to boost AOVs for some time now.

They also use these types of bundles for their new shopper sales promo. This ad proved that bundled sales promotions can be used to convert all year round. Free shipping sales promotions are a great way to incentivize shoppers all year round.

Here are some of the most-used free shipping sales promotion types:. Free shipping promotions can really work when they are strategically used at the right touchpoint. A good example of that in action would be including it in your cart abandonment sales promotion strategy, just as the example below is done.

In the email, they remind customers what products they were interested in and display how much they need to spend to get the free shipping incentive. Another popular way stores use free shipping promotions to drive revenue and sales volume is with threshold incentives.

This is where a brand includes free shipping on orders over a certain spend amount. The biggest advantage of this type of shipping promotion is that it boosts AOVs. The trick is to compare it with well-optimized remarketing campaigns to get middle-of-sales-funnel shoppers back to your site.

In fact, this is precisely what Indie Vinyl Den have done, where they now see a 5. Flash and clearance sales promotions are another widely used incentive, specifically for seasonal products or items with a short shelf life.

The trick is finding the right balance between offering high-value deals without compromising too much on margins. So, what makes a good clearance or flash sale promotion?

Think gamification. For example, Starbucks often runs one-day flash sales where users get double their usual points for Starbucks rewards.

The aim of this sales promotion idea is to drive traffic to their app and increase sales volume. This strategy is also often used in eCommerce checkout promotions, as a way to up-sell and increase AOVs.

Referral Shopify apps such as Yotpo, for instance, enable sellers to set a double-points earning rule within a set time frame, while Traffic Booster will ensure you are able to effectively drive traffic for these sales promotions.

You can find out more about these apps here. Bonus Content: AI for eCommerce: The Ultimate Guide. You also want to ensure that these sales have a short window to instill urgency.

This is a common tactic used over BFCM; however, they can also be effective throughout the year when planned strategically. Want to launch a new clothing store , run a promotion for a new product, or need help optimizing flash sales promos? Here are some tips to get you started:. Depending on where you place this type of marketing in your sales journey, they can be very effective.

Surprise offers and mystery discount sales promotion examples fall within this marketing category, and when you ensure users are always pleasantly surprised by the result, it can boost conversions in a huge way. The first sales promotion example that fits into this category are limited-time mystery surprise deals.

Painting mystery with urgency can be very fruitful. Bonus Content: 6 Quick and Easy Things to Do Today to Boost Halloween Sales. Pairing mystery with other on-site sales promotions can boost results.

Impressive, yes. But if you can, why not go further? While advent calendars are one approach to elicit interest in your promotional marketing campaigns, mystery offers keep your prospects interested all year.

You may make your sales campaigns more attention-grabbing by disguising the incentive, which builds on the tension of a surprise offer. You can create sitewide mystery offers as well as apply offers on specific products shoppers have browsed.

Consider how American Eagle employs mystery offers in their email marketing—and this one is email-only:. Plus, rewarding customers in this way frequently leads to increased loyalty and revenue. This is a win-win situation for both you and your consumers.

Customers can be highly motivated by rewards and loyalty programs, even if they don't always pay off right away. For a limited time, you could get double or triple loyalty points, which can be a terrific incentive to buy.

Online stores could even give shoppers a "lump sum" of points for signing up to a loyalty program, incentivising them to buy more immediately. This way, customers will keep returning for the benefits and stores can make enough money to cover the costs after offering discounts. Check out: 14 eCommerce Loyalty Programs Backed By Science Examples.

It's tempting to obtain more value for less money, so consider bundling your most popular products with relatively less popular ones. Alternatively, offer a one-time bundle promotional offer where over a certain spend value, the shopper gets the bundle for free.

Limiting incentive with time, whether it's a discount code or free shipping, helps you convert more prospects when you create a targeted pitch. Pura Vida offers an excellent online promotions example—they make it clear that the offer is on the next purchase making it more personalized:.

Tarte's cross-sell campaigns skillfully incorporate free shipping. Holidays are the best time to market products as the best gift options without being pushy. While it's challenging to capture a shopper's attention during the holidays like Christmas or Black Friday , not all holidays are as hectic.

Here's how BarkBox takes advantage of National Dog Day to provide a seasonal discount as it appeals to the company's target audience.

For eCommerce stores, clearances are a great promotion marketing campaign to clear inventory for a new product line. In their emails, American Eagle uses this sales marketing approach.

Lack of trust is a common factor for abandoning a cart. Customers may be apprehensive about the quality of your items or whether you are worth their money if your company is new.

Social media contests are a great way to engage shoppers and keep eCommerce sales promotions fresh. Contests also enable stores to create a large amount of user-generated content. Equator Coffees created a giveaway with four other brands on Instagram to increase their following and overall engagement.

Define the promotional campaign's objectives depending on time of the year, type of audience etc. There are discounts available for everyone at Best Buy, even if their "Back to School" promotion is geared toward high school and college students.

Back-to-school sales in July and August allow parents to get their children ready for the new school year in September, for example. The same is true for Black Friday and the holiday shopping season that follows, as well as any other time of year when there is a higher volume of purchases made by consumers.

A two-week campaign with emails calling out the various aspects of the promotion as well as showing promotional ads can be beneficial. You might like: 25 Creative Examples of Black Friday Deals. When it comes to an eCommerce sales promotion, the terms and conditions help explain everything about the deal.

Spelling out these terms and conditions in your exit-intent pop-up will help steer some customers back to the sale. Conditions such as tiers, scaling, and halts must be set before you set out on the promotional marketing journey.

In tiered discounts , the value of a discount adjusts as the customer's spending increases. In the following illustration, Pottery Barn employs a multi-tiered strategy:. They are commonly available for students, teachers, seniors, etc.

Check out how Apple has a separate lifestyle discount for students, teachers, staff, etc. You can offer such deals all year round like Apple, or limit it only for certain occasions. The choice is all yours! Read more: 15 Sales Tactics to Generate High-Quality Leads!

If you want to make more space in your inventory or sell off seasonal stock like winter clothing, Christmas decorations, or more a clearance sale is a way to go! Since clearance sales are generally tagged along with discounted prices, customers love it just as much!

Check out this email sent by American Eagle for their clearance sale:. If a prospect wants to become a customer, you need to make sure their experience is fulfilling. The first-order discount is the impression you want to and should set! You can keep such a discount all year round as this will ensure a positive experience for every new customer.

Take a look at this example:. No matter how your products are priced, a first-order discount entices people to give your products a try. Each business is different, and so are the audiences, All the above sales promotions examples are full-proof, just find the one that best resonates with your brand!

Analyze your audience, devise a plan, and create the right enticing and undeniable offers that will capture the 21st-century audience. We hand over the reins to you now — we wish you all the luck!

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Marketing , Sales. Editorial Team , 2 years ago 8 min read. Free shipping eliminates one of the final obstacles that could prevent people from ordering your products.

Sales promotion examples. “Free Gift with Purchase” promotion. Pre-launch promotion campaign. Branded bundle offer. Discount for Online promotion of your business can be incredibly powerful. Here are 14 online promotion ideas you can get started on right away Missing


Mobile App Promotion Video - CreateStudio Example This is where a brand Discount Condiment Prices free shipping Free trial for beauty products orders over a Onnline spend sqmple. on January 4th. In this post, we will take you through everything you need to do just that. Sign up for Marketing Tips. Sometimes this is due to an overly complex checkout process. This strategy removes a potential barrier and shows customers the convenience and affordability of shopping online. We hand over the reins to you now — we wish you all the luck!

Online sample promotions - 7 ideas of sales promotions for your online store · Idea #1 - Give special offers to your subscribers · Idea #2 - Buy one, get one free Sales promotion examples. “Free Gift with Purchase” promotion. Pre-launch promotion campaign. Branded bundle offer. Discount for Online promotion of your business can be incredibly powerful. Here are 14 online promotion ideas you can get started on right away Missing

Case study: 8 stores in 4 months for Bloom Robbins. Read the latest news from the e-commerce world. Learn about the best apps for Shopify. Discover our collection of Shopify projects.

Compare Shopify with other platforms. Browse our guides and how-tos. Latest trends in Shopify and E-commerce. Get to know Digismoothie. Come join us to make e-commerce better. Get in touch with us. Join our partner program. Sales promotions are key components of a successful eCommerce strategy.

The problem is, not many companies, especially smaller brands, know how to do it right. The thing is, once you learn how to create a good sales promotion campaign, you can increase your brand awareness and skyrocket your sales.

A sales promotion is a set of marketing strategies and tactics dedicated to increasing awareness of your brand and its specific products. Your customers show trust in your brand by subscribing to your newsletter or SMS campaigns. To thank them, make sure you launch sales promotions that are targeted directly to them.

What that does, is it builds even more trust with your subscribers and encourages them to keep purchasing your products and following your offers. To reach your subscribers via email, SMS, or push notifications, get Firepush - an all-in-one marketing automation platform for Shopify stores.

If you are a brand that sells relatively smaller products, opt for a buy one, get one for free promotion, also known as BOGO. These are still great deals that could encourage your online store visitors to buy from you.

Offering your customers free and discounted items builds more appreciation and trust with your client base. And with that, you are more likely to see your Shopify store visitors adding your products to their carts and purchasing them.

With the app you can easily set your BOGO campaign or set the specific conditions for gifts to be added to customers' orders. Here are just a few example of what you can offer:. Another great idea for cosmetic and beauty product businesses is offering free samples to their audience.

As your potential customers may not be willing to invest in a new product they know nothing about instantly, free samples work as a great alternative. Add free samples anytime your customer purchases something from your online store.

Even better, add a little note about your new product and why it is worth a try. For instance, you can offer special deals to students or teachers, seniors, and mothers. Moreover, you can take advantage of special occasions—for example, Christmas or Halloween.

You can create a dedicated landing page for a special event, e. Asa Shopify business owner, you have to make sure you regularly look at the calendar to avoid missing any events that could benefit your business. Flash sales are limited period sales or discounts that encourage your customers to buy faster as flash sales target the FOMO fear of missing out.

One thing to remember when it comes to flash sales is preparing your Shopify store for huge traffic. In an example, you can see a print store Desenio and their flash sale campaign. Adding a clock may also work as an encouragement for your customers to buy your products now.

As you can see in an example, a designer brand of bags and other accessories - Coach, offers free shipping and returns on all of their orders. These days, not that many companies offer this solution to their customers.

Hence you have a lot of opportunities to stand out. Organizing a contest on Instagram is a sure way to increase your brand awareness and bring new customers to your Shopify store. All in all, sales promotions are powerful eCommerce tools to increase your brand awareness and sales.

What you have to do, is to learn how to set them up in the right way. To do that, try to implement a few of the ideas mentioned in this article and see how they affect your sales.

Product Reviews app by Shopify will be discontinued — what are the best alternatives? Shopify merchants can now select a one-page or three-page checkout: which should you choose?

All our apps are designed to help you grow your Shopify business. Check them out and take advantage of the free trial period. Shopify Apps See all apps. Gift Box Offer free gifts with purchase to your customers. Nada Hide or push down your out-of-stock products.

In practice, you can track when customers abandoned carts on your site, and follow up with a promotional email with a code or discount to incentivize a purchase follow through. A great way to run a sales promotion is to partner with an influencer and leverage the relationship they have with their community.

To add further incentive, the influencers you partner with can share a unique code or affiliate link that gives audiences a discount if they use it to make a purchase. Swag is a promotion you provide to sow good will, interest, and loyalty.

You can offer discounts on your products and services based on the locations your customers are in. For example, you can run specific promotions if your customers visit specific storefronts.

Customer feedback is crucial for business success, and you can combine it with a sales promotion to entice customers to give it.

A discount can then incentivize customers to make a follow-up purchase. If you work closely with other businesses, you can offer discount codes to customers that are also patrons of your partners, and vice versa. Leverage a healthy incentive focused on time savings or additional services.

For example, you might offer a prospect an additional 15 hours of onboarding support for free if they sign by Friday. Even a free six-month checkup can be attractive to prospects who are nervous to sign the contract.

Offer free peace of mind in return for their trust and business. Many businesses run promotions on specific occasions to inspire purchases. For example, you can offer birthday discounts, holiday discounts, etc, to inspire people to make a purchase for those holidays.

With a referral sales promotion, you give your existing customers a referral code to share with someone they know to give them a discount for their first purchase from you. The person with the referral code also receives some sort of reward, which can incentivize them to actually take the steps to recommend you to others if they get something out of it.

When you give cashback you return a portion of the money customers spend with you after every purchase. You know when your slow periods are — maybe July in Phoenix or December in Australia. A sales promotion can be just the tool to get deals moving during these down times.

You can queue up your deals to start on the first day of the month for accounting and quota reasons. Now, more than ever, consumers want to align with companies that demonstrate a commitment to social responsibility, and it is a huge factor in their decisions to do business with a company.

As a result, running a promotion where you donate a portion of your profits to a charitable cause can influence sales, as customers appreciate when you take a stand for social causes.

Offer promotions to customers already leaning toward choosing your solution. The result will be fewer concessions on your part, and a bigger payoff in the end. Recurring sales occur during set periods, like a bi-annual basis.

Customers are also likely to spend more money to stock up on their favorite items at a lower price than other times in the year. Punch cards are loyalty cards that contain a set number of icons that can be stamped or marked after a customer makes a purchase, usually in-store.

When all icons are stamped, a customer receives a reward, often a percentage off of their next purchase or a free item. A great way to run a promotion for your business is to run an app-exclusive promotion, where users receive deals specifically for downloading or using your mobile app to purchase your business.

A sign-up sales promotion involves offering a deal exclusively for new users. It can be a valuable tool to drive sales and customer acquisition, as customers may be excited to follow through if they can make an initial purchase at a discounted rate.

In terms of sales promotions, gift cards are a valuable tool in incentivizing recipients to spend more money at your business, with the bonus of new customer acquisition. You risk losing trust with your client, attracting the wrong type of client i. AMC Theaters offers a sales promotion in the form of lifestyle discounts, where tickets are offered at a discounted rate for those over 60 years of age, and children under Image Source.

Uber Eats offers a referral promotion where users can share a unique code with a friend that has never used the app before. Sephora only runs its Beauty Insider Sale three times a year.

As a result, consumers know that they can get their favorite items at a discounted price only three times per year, inspiring them to spend more money during the promotional window to stock up on their favorite items. Taco Bell offers a Taco Lovers Pass , where users can get a free taco every single day for 30 days if they purchase the pass, but it is only offered to those who have the mobile app and redeem their pass through the mobile app.

Sales promotions can be a fruitful way to close deals and build trusting relationships with prospects — just make sure you have your goals in sight. Outline your company's sales strategy in one simple, coherent plan. Powerful and easy-to-use sales software that drives productivity, enables customer connection, and supports growing sales orgs.

Sales Promotion Ideas Abandoned Cart Promotions Influencer Affiliate Links In-person Event Swag Location-based Deals Feedback Rewards Partnership Discounts Time Savings and Additional Services Seasonal Promotions Referral Promotions Cashback Deals Off-season Discounts Donation Promotions Deals For Best-fit Customers Recurring Sales Punch Cards App-exclusive Promotions Sign-up Promotions Gift Cards.

Sales Promotion Examples AMC Theaters — Lifestyle Discount Uber Eats — Referral Promotion Sephora — Recurring Sale Taco Bell — App Exclusive Promotion Amazon — Subscription Promotion.

21+ Sales Promotion Examples and How to Optimize Them with PPC

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