Affordable vegan cookbooks

Affordable vegan cookbooks

Check out the animal-loving vegan celebrities who are changing the world. Are you ready to change your life? These vegan documentaries inspire you to go vegan today as they delve deep into the impact of our diets. Designed and built by Bopgun. NEWS RECIPES PRODUCTS. VEGAN RECIPES NEWS PRODUCTS LIFESTYLE.

to child star Omari McQueen. Author: Liam Gilliver. Read Time: 11th February Fast Easy Cheap Vegan From minute salads to ingredient mid-week dinners, Fast Easy Cheap Vegan does exactly what it says on the tin. Broke Vegan: Speedy Saskia Sidey makes the most Instagram-worthy meals, from butternut squash carbonara to savoury French toast.

The Student Vegan Cookbook Tired of living up to the Uni reputation of living off beans on toast? on a Budget The BOSH!

Since then, the dynamic duo has gone on to launch their own food brand in UK supermarkets. Best vegan cookbooks for baking Not that long ago, vegan baking was nothing but an oxymoron. Well, these vegan bakers are here to satisfy your sweet tooth and prove you very wrong with their vegan cookbooks… 5.

The Nordic Baker The Nordic Baker is much more than a guide to plant-based baking. Log cabin and flights to Norway not included.

Va va Voom Vegan Cakes, £13, available from Amazon 7. Vegan Mug Cakes The issue with baking is it can be ever so time-consuming and often leaves you with a sink full of dirty dishes. Vegan Mug Cakes, £7, available from Amazon 8. Vegan Baking Made Easy Baking is a science, and vegan baking can sometimes get quite technical.

Check out these inspiring vegan books. When I was 13, I struggled to even make toast. If a year-old can rustle up these recipes in no time — you have no excuse. The book also features meal prep combos that require little time and minimal cleanup!

The Vegan 8 After a worrying health diagnosis — blogger Brandi Doming and her husband discovered the vegan lifestyle, and never looked back. Best vegan cookbooks for special occasions Have a penchant for the finer things in life?

Plant-Based Gourmet: Vegan Cuisine for the Home Chef Want to learn how to make vegan sushi, charcuterie boards, confits and even sous vide truffles? Green and Awake Green and Awake is the must-have cookbook for anyone wanting gourmet meals that look as good as they taste.

Green and Awake, £31, available from Amazon Crossroads: Extraordinary Recipes from the Restaurant That Is Reinventing Vegan Cuisine Crossroads has to be one of the most renowned vegan eateries in Los Angeles. Healthy vegan cookbooks for the health-conscious Cookbooks can often be filled with calorific sweet treats and indulgent meals.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with that — sometimes you might just want to enjoy something a little lighter… Recipes range from Grain-Stuffed Peppers with Cheesy Tomato Sauce to Crust-Free Pumpkin Pie. The Plant-Based Diet Revolution: 28 days to a happier gut and a healthier you Written by acclaimed Dr.

Good food, backed by science. Also, while I enjoy my trusty Kindle, I sometimes miss the ability to quickly flip through a physical book to see all the glossy food images. This cookbook might be your handy companion if you hope to invigorate your meal routine with minimal effort. I could quickly gather the needed ingredients, which were mostly staples in my kitchen, and set up my slow cooker without a hitch.

Coming home to the aroma of a ready-to-eat, wholesome vegan meal without the usual prep hassle was refreshing. Diving deeper into the cookbook, the tastes delivered by these meals pleasantly surprised me.

Despite my initial skepticism, I discovered that the recipes packed a punch with flavors that made the dining experience enjoyable. Each dish painted my dinner plate with a rich plant-based nutrition and taste palette.

However, as I tried various recipes, some seemed to mirror each other regarding their flavor notes—many had a similar curry base. I also yearned for more visual inspiration, as the book could benefit from additional photographs of the finished meals. Nonetheless, for anyone keen on streamlining their cooking process while maintaining a vegan diet, this handy cookbook could elevate your weekly menu with ease and variety.

Its approach to vegan cooking aligns perfectly with my fast-paced lifestyle, proving invaluable on those busy weeknights. Ingredients are accessible, often things I already have in my pantry, simplifying shopping trips tremendously.

The straightforward guidance received praise in my kitchen. Even beginners would find the steps easy to follow, removing any intimidation factor from the vegan cooking process. The clear instructions and the practical approach of Michaela Vais, a. ElaVegan , made my kitchen experiments successful.

Her personal touch shines throughout, offering a friendly guide through the plant-based culinary landscape. Her online presence had already won me over, but having her recipes in a tangible format was invaluable.

The dishes I tried were delectable, and navigating the book was straightforward, making the entire cooking process enjoyable. I especially appreciated how the cookbook elegantly simplifies vegan cooking.

Despite the simplicity of the recipes, the resulting dishes were full of flavor and are sure to impress anyone—vegan or not. This cookbook is a treasure trove if you want to diversify your vegan meal repertoire with ease and creativity.

Navigating vegan cuisine has never been so straightforward and enjoyable. Every time I open this cookbook, I find something new to try, keeping mealtime exciting and fresh. Practical tips sprinkled throughout have also been immensely helpful, improving my cooking technique and understanding of plant-based ingredients.

Vitamin B Supplement 1, mcg. BUY NOW. But I Could Never Go Vegan! by Kristy Turner. Vegan Vitamin D3 Supplement IU. Vegan Comfort Cooking by Melanie. Learn More About Veganism. Recommended Vegan Cookbooks READ MORE. Why Go Vegan? The Top Reasons Explained READ MORE.

How to Go Vegan Easily and Healthily READ MORE. Vegan Cooking Guide: Learn the Basics in Under an Hour READ MORE. Vegan Fast Food: Top Menu Items USA READ MORE.

Easy Vegan Foods: The Definitive Gigantic List READ MORE.

Vegan cookbooks that are *actually* easy (like 15 mins or less)? The Blogilates Vegan Meal Plan by Cassey Ho is fabulous, pretty affordable I'm looking to invest in a few vegan cookbooks that have recipes that don't cost the earth. I was looking at this list of 'the best vegan Forget about fake meat. This vegan cookbook features modern, whole food recipes designed with college life in mind. It doesn't matter whether you've got a

Snack pack exclusive deals

Snack pack exclusive deals

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Affordable celiac-friendly meals

Affordable celiac-friendly meals

Two meals for the price of one is a great budget saver. Denying yourself the indulgence of not planning, or spending extra on groceries is a big step towards financial freedom.

Grocery planning or cooking may seem like a trivial part of our financial journey, but God cares about every detail of our lives, and is honored when we surrender the big and little things to Him.

Is credit card debt causing you stress and strain? Christian Credit Counselors would like to help! The majority of the world eats only rice and beans for all of their meals.

Get creative with it and make a different variety each night — Italian, Cajun, Asian, Southern, Mexican, American. Sweet Potato Hash. This is my favorite recipe , but you can easily switch ingredients in or out. This dish is traditionally Venezuelan or Colombian.

Stuff with whatever you like shredded rotisserie chicken, salsa, cheese, avocado, beans, lettuce, etc. and enjoy! Other Grocery Tips: Try challenging yourself by committing one night a month to not buy any groceries , and use only what you already have to create a dinner.

You may come up with some of your favorite recipes, and save money in the process. This will keep you from going out or ordering pizza in. Never go shopping without a list.

Subscribe for Weekly Updates. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Start with the Money Map, your guide to living in freedom with your finances. Download Now. Tell Us About you and Get Instant Access! Yes, I consent to receiving emails.

This form collects information we will use to send you updates about promotions, special offers, and news. We will not share or sell your personal information.

You can unsubscribe at any time. Privacy Policy. Christian Credit Counselors Is credit card debt causing you stress and strain? Tortilla chips are nearly always gluten-free, thanks to corn as a base. Worcestershire sauce, which you'll need for our Reuben bowls , is almost always gluten-free, but do look out for malt vinegar which does contain gluten.

If you ever wondered what exactly is gluten and what happens to your body when you go gluten-free , we've got tons of handy guides about this mysterious protein. For more gluten-free ideas, check out all our favorite gluten-free desserts , gluten-free appetizers , gluten-free breakfasts , and gluten-free sides.

If our creamy Tuscan chicken is a mainstay at your house, this recipe is going to be just the thing to shake up your weeknight dinner routine. Tomatoes and tomato paste bring it back down to Earth, so you can make this over and over and over!

Not convinced? Did we mention this comes together in just one pan, in less than 30 minutes?! Get the One-Pan Coconut-Lime Chicken recipe. Of all the food you can stuff, stuffed peppers are at the top of our list.

Bell peppers are large enough to hold a lot, strong enough to keep their shape in the oven, and mild enough in flavor to go with just about anything. Get the Classic Stuffed Peppers recipe.

Looking to convert a spiralized veggie skeptic? Make them these cacio e pepe sweet potato noodles. Get the Cacio E Pepe Sweet Potato Noodles recipe. Freshen up a classic dish, lemon chicken and potatoes , by spooning the most flavorful olive, almond, and parsley sauce over top.

Prepared from the pan drippings, the sauce is so simple to make without getting out an extra pot. The best part? This entire recipe is made in just one dish, making dinner and cleanup easier than ever.

We get it, salmon can be a little… intimidating. One of our favorites? Covering a whole fish, rather than individual fillets, with fun toppings to add flavor all on just one sheet pan.

For this Mediterranean -inspired version, you just arrange your salmon on a sheet tray lined with foil for the easiest cleanup , sprinkle on the toppings, and bake it for 25 minutes. No flipping, no sticking, and no mess! This creamy, red-tinted spin on white chicken chili incorporates sweet and savory gochujang for a unique spin on a classic winter dinner.

It's got lots of chili flavor without a ton of heat, meaning this can be enjoyed by everyone in the family even the spice-averse! Get the Creamy Gochujang White Chicken Chili recipe.

With roasted sweet potatoes and black bean chili layered together under a gooey blanket of cheese, this easy vegetarian weeknight dinner is both incredibly comforting and surprisingly hearty. Get the Chili Cheese Sweet Potato Casserole recipe.

For this dish, we were inspired by classic Italian puttanesca , a tomato-based dish with anchovies, capers, and olives that's traditionally served over pasta.

Pork makes it extra-hearty, so we served it over creamy polenta , but feel free to sub in gluten-free pasta, rice, or whatever else you can dream up. Get the Instant Pot Pork Puttanesca recipe.

Yes, it's TRUE! You can make amazing gluten-free pasta from scratch, and it's not even hard! Get the Best-Ever Gluten-Free Pasta recipe.

If you haven't tried crispy rice before, it'll become a staple after you try it in this recipe. Crunchy and golden, this is a great way try rice in a different, delicious way. We love it, but especially when it turns into a crust for this cheesy chorizo and chickpea filling.

This ultra-stuffed mushroom , spinach, and Gruyère pork tenderloin is already jam-packed with vegetables, so we suggest pairing it with a carb-y side like our jeweled saffron rice or our best mashed potatoes.

Like their sweet cousins, crêpes , galettes hail from Brittany, France. Because they're made with buckwheat flour, galettes are extra nutty, making them perfect for pairing with savory fillings for a quick dinner this fall.

Here, they're filled with the classic ham, egg, and cheese combination, known as "galette complète" in French, but feel free to switch it up if you like. If you're looking for a chicken dinner so good jaws will drop, this is the recipe for you.

Chicken breasts are seared until golden, before being baked with a simple but extremely satisfying cream sauce that results in a chicken that's packed with flavor in every bite. Get the Marry Me Chicken recipe. Extra-crispy on the outside and cheesy on the inside, these tacos are so much fun to make and eat.

Putting cheese directly in your skillet might sound wrong, but it works! Once off-heat, the cheese starts to harden and crisps up, giving the texture of a crunchy taco shell, but super-delicious. Get the Crispy Chipotle Chicken Tacos recipe. We like using shrimp without their shells because it's easier to eat—peeling shrimp when they're covered in sauce can get messy.

I like to use only fresh veggies and no corn hard to digest and pretty useless. Pea soup with ham bone or ham shank. Mac & cheese, shepherds pie Missing + easy, delicious, and budget-friendly recipes that are naturally gluten free. Enjoy satisfying homemade meals without the worry of gluten

Frozen food clearance sale

Frozen food clearance sale

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Get lots to love at low, low prices. Sort and filter. In-store. Price. Brand. Fulfillment Speed. Search in Frozen food. Shop all. Shop all food deals Buy bulk frozen food online from Bulk Food Box. We carry frozen fruits, vegetables, baked good, desserts and heat + serve meals in bulk Missing

Discount beverage options

Discount beverage options

You can also simply visit one of our Florida locations to find a new favorite or a tried and true classic.

Make sure you keep an eye on our calendar for special events and tastings throughout the year. We invite brand representatives into our store to help sample their new and traditional products. These allow you to discover new items when shopping for your go-to beverages and help build your palate in the process.

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Planning a Party? View Locations. Special Events and Tastings Make sure you keep an eye on our calendar for special events and tastings throughout the year.

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Ciders are a great option, too. Red wine drinkers can choose from cabernets, merlots, red blends and more. If you prefer rosé, you may find a new favorite that leaves you tickled pink. And white wine drinkers have a wide range of options, from chardonnay to sauvignon blanc.

There are many great-tasting boxed wines. Plus, the packaging keeps them fresh and they provide excellent value. Check out our liquor prices. If you want to create a simple bar with a few bottles of the most popular liquors, pick up a bottle of vodka, a bottle of whiskey, a bottle of rum, and bottle of tequila.

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Pocket-friendly cuisine deals

Pocket-friendly cuisine deals

This quality food with these low prices are pretty hard to beat! Stop by Thrive during your next lunch break! Spice up lunchtime with a delicious quesadilla. The possibilities are endless at Bartaco! Not a taco person? No problem, Bartaco has you covered with rice bowls, chicken empanadas, duck quesadillas, and more.

And if you're extra hungry make it a set and get a side of miso soup! Zoe Ma Ma is the best choice for those of you looking for authentic Chinese food. Stop in for breakfast or lunch am to 3 pm daily to see what all the Foolishness is all about!

Try their plates, vegetarian dishes, pita wraps, house specialties, and salads for lunch to ensure a full stomach and a full wallet. Their menu consists of burgers, sandwiches, Itailian entrees, and veggie entrees.

Serve this staple-filled soup with good, crusty bread for a simple, effective, and delicious meal. Get the recipe for Slow Cooker Potato Soup. Perhaps the only thing more warming and delicious than chicken soup on a cold day is chicken and dumplings.

Get the recipe for Crock Pot Chicken and Dumplings. This fast stovetop recipe skips roasting, but is steeped in flavor. And with just a few ingredients mostly squash , it's easy on the wallet! You can skip the brandy and use a little more cider to save some cost. Get the recipe for One-Pot Butternut Squash Soup.

Some chicken cutlets and pantry staples — and plenty of Parmesan, of course — can quickly turn into this family favorite. Get the recipe for Chicken Parmesan.

The underrated tuna melt, that staple of diners and lunch plates everywhere, deserves to be making a big time comeback. You probably have most of the ingredients in your fridge right now.

What are you waiting for? Get the recipe for Tuna Melt. If you're looking for a way to use ground beef in a spicy, simple dinner that'll make the whole family happy, then you've just found your recipe for tonight!

Get the recipe for Tamale Pie. This ground beef enchilada dinner is especially a winner. A little taco seasoning, some corn tortillas, a can of enchilada sauce, cover it with cheese and boom!

You've got a powerhouse meal for four or for two, with leftovers ready to go. Get the recipe for Beef Enchiladas.

Want to make your whole family feel taken care of? Treat them to a baked pasta dish. It's easy, it's cheap, and it's super filling. Get the recipe for Classic Stuffed Shells. Who's in the mood for a minute dinner?

Besides gnocchi and frozen spinach, all you need for this meal is some cream, some cheese, and a few pantry spices. Get the recipe for Gnocchi with Creamed Spinach. El Guerdo Canelo is owned and operated by Daniel Contreras, who started his business in His commitment to quality and taste at low prices is what makes this spot memorable.

Plus, the Sonoran dogs are a local favorite. Burrito Boarder brings a tasty, diverse menu of papa fritas, taco vampiros, and street tacos. Dick Mondell's, complete with a drive-thru as well as a walk up window, proudly serves burgers, salads, and ice cream containing locally-sourced ingredients.

Kaldi's is a beloved coffee shop with all the usual suspects: lattes, teas, and bites to eats. The variety of drinks and food selection on the menu, however, is much different than other cafes like it.

Try the chocolate chai latte or the turtle frozen beverage to see why. This Midwestern-based chain is a favorite for its decent prices, cheese coneys, and of course, chili. Barracuda's claim to fame is its award-winning tacos that have been recognized by Gambit's Best of New Orleans.

Located right on the University of Texas at Austin's campus, Sip Pho is known for its delicious pho, large menu, and friendly staff. This fast-casual spot has affordable burritos , salads, nachos, and bowls and is conveniently located nearby Texas Christian University. Mochinut serves up a scrumptious selection mochi donuts, Korean rice flour hotdogs, boba , and soft serve.

Its mochi donuts are a go-to, as there are 25 flavors to choose from. A longtime favorite of Isla Vista residents, Freebirds is well-known for the burritos and nachos.

Choose from its selection of regular burritos, or go for a monster burrito if you're looking to feast. Lou's is the spot to grab a sandwich.

The menu is looong with over 25 different types of sandwiches to choose from. The jalapeño spread is also a go-to favorite.

This eccentric spot with a Simpsons -themed mural has a both unique atmosphere and tasty sub sandwiches for cheap — what more could you ask for?

You can eat out every day for the same price (less!) than the groceries you would buy to cook at home. These are our top picks for cheap restaurants 21 Cheap Foods to Buy if You're Broke or on a Budget · 1. Apples · 2. Bananas · 3. Beans · 4. Brown Rice · 5. Chicken · 6. Corn Tortillas · 7. Eggs · 8 76 Cheap Dinner Ideas That Don't Skimp on Taste · Slow Cooker Chicken Noodle Soup · Hearty Vegetable Soup with Parsley Gremolata · Slow Cooker Mac

Budget-friendly ingredient alternatives

Budget-friendly ingredient alternatives

These days, dogs are used more often because they don't like to eat the truffles nearly as much as pigs do. Known as the world's most expensive spice, the sweet but bitter flavor of saffron is difficult to reproduce. It comes from the dried stigmas of the crocus flower, which must be picked by hand.

It can take as many as , stigmas to make just over a pound of saffron. Not surprisingly, because saffron is so labor intensive to produce, it's really expensive.

Try combining paprika and turmeric, as they're much more affordable and will work as a substitute in almost any recipe. Cardamom is a spice used in Scandinavian, Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines, but since it's one of the world's most expensive spices, many of us simply can't afford to buy it.

Luckily, you can substitute ground cinnamon or a combination of equal parts cinnamon and nutmeg to get a similar warm, spicy flavor.

Vanilla is another one of the world's most expensive spices, and in this case, the price is directly related to the amount of time it takes to bring the spice to market. It can take anywhere from 18 to 36 months for the beans which are really seed pods of the vanilla plant to appear after planting, and they must stay on the vine for at least nine months.

Then the beans are stored for around three months after they're harvested to build aroma and flavor. That's up to 48 months just to produce a few beans! Add the fact that Madagascar -- the world's leading producer of vanilla -- suffered a series of devastating setbacks to its vanilla crops after several cyclones hit the country in and , and it's easy to see why vanilla beans are so pricy.

Although it doesn't offer the exact same flavor, you can substitute vanilla extract for the real deal in your recipes. The standard variety balsamic vinegar in the grocery store isn't nearly as expensive, but it also contains wine vinegar and added colors.

Other types of vinegar make decent substitutes for the balsamic variety, including brown rice vinegar, Chinese black vinegar, red wine vinegar combined with sugar or honey, sherry vinegar or fruit vinegar. Vinegar is making a comeback as an ingredient in upscale cocktails.

For a non-alcoholic vinegar-based drink, try pouring a "shrub," a beverage from colonial times made from vinegar, your fruit of choice, sugar and water. The word caviar evokes a luxurious and unattainable ingredient. Beluga caviar is particularly expensive because the beluga sturgeon is a threatened species due to overfishing.

Endangered Species List. So, needless to say, if the recipe calls for beluga caviar, you're going to need to find a substitute, even if you can afford the real thing. It might not taste exactly the same, but in this instance, we suggest replacing it with a cheaper caviar, such as hackleback, keluga, ossetra or sevruga caviar.

American-farmed caviar is another option. If you're worried about the dish having a lesser flavor because of the substitution, spruce it up with a little lemon juice. Veal is a tasty delicacy, but it's one of the more expensive meats at the butcher shop. Wiener schnitzel, a fried veal cutlet, is a popular dish, but it can cost a lot to make at home.

Pork is a more reasonably priced substitute that doesn't taste all that different. Chicken is another option to serve instead of veal. Farmers in New England have started raising free-range veal, which give calves a more humane life.

Kobe is a prized Japanese beef is known for its rich texture, exquisite marbling and price tag. It's also not possible to procure outside of Japan, due to the country's strict exportation laws.

However, Wagyu -- the breed of Japanese cattle that Kobe comes from -- has been imported to the United States, and ranchers here are producing their own version of the premium beef, complete with high prices. Savvy cooks can get around the price tag by substituting USDA Prime beef.

If that's still too pricy most prime cuts are given to hotels and restaurants, and it can be expensive , pick up a choice-graded cut of beef from your local supermarket.

Look for a cut with lots of marbling, as that's what gives the meat its desired texture. Eating seafood regularly is good for you, but it's not so good for some species of fish. Increased seafood consumption has led to the overfishing of many species.

If you can even find some of these fish at the grocery store or farmer's market , you'll probably be asked to pay out the nose for them. Luckily, substituting one kind of fish for another is fairly easy, as many species have similar flavors.

This also means, of course, that you can use less expensive fish in place of pricy, hard-to-find species. Try pole-caught yellowfin tuna instead of the overfished Atlantic bluefin tuna. Alaskan sablefish is a more reasonably priced option than Chilean sea bass. Pacific cod has the same flaky, dense flesh as Atlantic cod and is another simple swap you can make without sacrificing flavor.

Just how expensive is the rare Atlantic bluefin tuna? com article:. Sign up for our Newsletter! Mobile Newsletter banner close. Mobile Newsletter chat close. Mobile Newsletter chat dots. Mobile Newsletter chat avatar.

Mobile Newsletter chat subscribe. While many people don't pay much attention to cabbage, it's a nutritious vegetable to include in your cooking, rich in various vitamins and minerals. Cabbage can provide you with vitamins C and K and, while not as densely nutritious as foods like beans, it's rich in fiber and antioxidants.

There's some evidence that cabbage can even help to reduce blood pressure. Many of us may have unpleasant memories of unappetizing boiled cabbage, but there's no reason for this vegetable to be boring. At home, cabbage can be used to make anything from kimchi to some delicious sweet and sour stuffed cabbage leaves.

With a little more time, you can even try your hand at pickling and make your own sauerkraut to enjoy a classic dish eaten not only in Germany but also in France, where it's known as choucroute. Including some fresh fruit in your diet is always a good idea, and the cheapest fruit available are bananas.

They can be found on sale for as little as 50 cents per pound, making them a very affordable option. As well as being rich in sugar and carbohydrates, bananas are famously one of the best sources of dietary potassium, with a single fruit typically containing around milligrams of it.

Additionally, these iconic yellow fruits can also provide you with magnesium, manganese, and vitamins C and B6, as well as a good amount of fiber.

Many people enjoy bananas as a simple snack, but they can also be cooked in a few recipes, with homemade banana bread being a delicious choice. For a more savory option, you can also opt to buy plantains. Essentially the big brother of the more common bananas, these are similarly cheap but less sweet and with a starchy taste more similar to potato.

Plantains are cooked as a savory vegetable in many parts of the world, and fried plantains are a delicious side dish. They go well with things like stews or jollof rice, or they can just be eaten on their own with a little ketchup or hot sauce.

Lentils are popular among health food enthusiasts, and for good reason. They're not just healthy but cheap, versatile, and easily available. In , the lentil harvest was one of the largest in history. This may reduce their prices in the future but, for now, lentils can be found on sale for as little as 45 cents per pound.

There are a few different kinds available too, like red and green, with some variation in price and flavor. The good news with lentils is that they really are extremely nutritious.

All lentils are rich in protein and B vitamins. They're also full of minerals like iron, zinc, phosphorus, and manganese, as well as containing polyphenols — antioxidant compounds that can reduce blood sugar levels and potentially even inhibit some cancers.

A classic way to serve lentils is in soups and stews. Lentil soup has been popular in Europe since the days of the Ancient Greeks, and is old enough that it's even mentioned in the Bible.

Another old recipe for simple rice and lentil dish, mujaddara, was first written down in one of the world's oldest-known cookbooks and still makes for an easy, cheap, and delicious meal today.

But there's no reason not to get creative with lentils too, and there are plenty of options for how to serve them. They can be added to rice bowls, mixed into salads, or even pressed into burgers. Technically not a nut but a type of bean, peanuts are historically a cheap staple food.

There's a reason, after all, that underpaid workers talk about being "paid peanuts. Some people should skip this one because of allergies, but peanut butter is quite a nutritious foodstuff.

It's high in fats, albeit healthy ones like oleic acid, while at the same time being low in carbohydrates, making it a fine choice for anyone on a low-carb diet.

Additionally, it's an excellent source of protein and vitamins B and E, with a good amount of manganese, copper, and magnesium. Peanut butter is usually thought of as a sweet food in Western countries, where it's usually enjoyed in sandwiches, but it can also be included as an ingredient in many savory dishes.

It's an essential ingredient in making Southeast Asian recipes like chicken satay , and African recipes like Ghanian groundnut soup. For a cheap and easy way to give your home recipes an extra boost in protein and flavor, peanut butter can be a surprisingly good option.

When using it in cooking, it's probably best to try and find some without too much added sugar. A popular pantry food, canned tuna can be found on the shelves in many people's kitchens. Meats tend to be among the most expensive items on most people's grocery lists, making canned tuna an attractive option on a tight budget.

Its long shelf life makes canned tuna a handy thing to keep in the cupboard for times when money is tight. Tuna is also an oily fish, making it rich in healthy omega-3 oils. As well as being packed with protein, it's also a good source of vitamin D and selenium.

Canned tuna isn't for everyone but, while the flavor and texture may not be as good as with fresh tuna, it's certainly one of the cheapest seafood options out there. There are several varieties of canned tuna available to buy, and it's a versatile enough ingredient to work well in all kinds of dishes.

A simple tuna salad is a classic choice, and canned tuna also tastes delicious in a wholesome casserole. As leafy greens go, spinach is a particularly good choice. It's famously rich in iron, but is also a good dietary source of magnesium, potassium, and vitamin E.

Eating spinach is linked with a range of health benefits, including improved skin, hair, and bone health, and helping your body control blood sugar levels. Spinach is also inexpensive, with retail prices of around 91 cents per pound.

The cheapest option for spinach is to buy it frozen and, perhaps surprisingly, frozen spinach can actually be more nutritious than fresh leaves. After being picked, fresh leafy vegetables tend to gradually lose their nutrients over time, but freezing locks them in, keeping frozen spinach as rich as when it was freshly harvested.

Helpfully, in many dishes, frozen spinach can work just as well as fresh leaves. It can be mixed with feta cheese and baked into a buttery Greek spinach pie, spanakopita, or can be combined with spices and diced potatoes to make a mouthwatering Indian spinach curry, saag aloo.

Tomatoes are one of those foods that are ubiquitous in world cuisines, and one of the cheapest ways to use them in your cooking is to buy them canned. Tomatoes are a good source of vitamins, B, C, and K, as well as potassium, but the main reason they're so popular is for their distinctive flavor.

One of the simplest ways to use tomato purée is in tomato soup , as a comfort food that's both wholesome and easy to prepare. Tomatoes are an essential ingredient in cuisines from all around the world though, from Italy to India, so there's no shortage of inspiration.

Whether you're spreading it onto a pizza base or making a rich pot of murgh makhani butter chicken , you'll need some of this versatile ingredient. Of course, tomatoes are originally from Mesoamerica, so they're used in all kinds of Mexican dishes.

An easy and satisfying one is to combine it with rice to make arroz rojo. For being both abundant and affordable, corn has historically been a cheap staple food in America.

It still comfortably fits this role, with cornmeal available for just under 70 cents per pound. A starchy foodstuff, cornmeal also contains some protein and fiber, as well as being a good source of potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium.

Traditionally used in working-class foods in the US, cornmeal is essential in a few classic recipes from the Southern states, like hot water cornbread or grits.

It can also be found in cuisines from elsewhere in the world, from the polenta enjoyed in Italy to the cornmeal porridge eaten for breakfast in Jamaica. While many people may overlook cornmeal, it is a nice and cheap addition to add to your grocery list and it has a good shelf life.

A little can go a long way in your cooking! Not everyone eats meat, but for those who do, cuts that are still on the bone are typically the cheapest option, and bone-in chicken is one of the most affordable. As well as being a good source of protein, like other meats, chicken is also rich in potassium, phosphorus, and B vitamins.

Canned tomatoes Grains and Pasta Potatoes

Cheap Seasoning Offers

Cheap Seasoning Offers

Ginger — Stir-fry beef with ginger. Cloves - Hide the fishy smells of seafood with cloves. Saffron - Sweeten your teas. See our latest hot deals on spices and herbs.

Cook exotic cuisines each weekend. You'll acquire new recipes and they'll learn about other cultures. Visit our Specialty Shops for special spice mixes and supplies for making beer, sausages, chilies and more.

Take your cooking to the next level with delicious, high-quality spices for a full-flavored finish. Spices Home Spices Spices. Sort By: Featured Items Newest Items Best Selling A to Z Z to A By Review Price: Ascending Price: Descending.

Products Per Page: 8 12 16 20 40 Columns: 1 2 3 4 6. Choose Options. Smoked Sweet Paprika, also called Pimento de la Vera, is made by drying and grinding Red Peppers into a fine powder. The smoked flavor is created during the drying process in an oak wood oven.

It is a popular ingredient in many Mediterranean recipes. Cumin's distinctive flavor makes it a star in dishes from TexMex to Indian cuisines. An excellent addition to rice dishes, and sauces, cumin is also a popular ingredient in chili powder and a key feature of Indian garam masala.

To create an outstanding Garlic is an herb related to the onion. It is cultivated for its bulb, which is composed of many small cloves.

Dried garlic has the benefit of a long shelf life and comes in several forms including: Minced Roasted Garlic Minced Garlic Garlic Powder Use garlic powder to add the flavor your love, without all the lingering effects.

Quick and easy, you can use garlic powder anywhere you would use regular garlic. Are you using one Hungarian Sweet Paprika comes from grinding up the vibrant paprika pods of the pepper plant.

Paprika powder added to chopped or minced onion braised in oil serves as the basis for many famous Hungarian dishes. Sweet, Hungarian Vietnamese Cinnamon is made from the cassia cinnamon bark, grown in Vietnam.

Vietnamese Cinnamon is considered by many to be the finest cinnamon in the world. This cinnamon is sweeter, more aromatic and more powerful than the Indonoesian cinnamon This larger grained Black Pepper Cafe Grind features a stronger flavor than finely ground black pepper and is made from premium South Pacific peppercorns.

Use Black Pepper Cafe Grind to stock your restaurant kitchen or fill your home pepper mill, such as Onion powder tastes great in dry rubs for meat and is Korintje Cinnamon Cinnamomum burmanii is native to Southeast Asia and Indonesia. It is normally found in West Sumatra in the region known as Kerinci Regency a regency of Jambi province hence the Ground coriander features a slightly spicy, lemony flavor rooted in cilantro.

It makes a flavorful addition to your pot roasts, curries, home-brewed beer, or marinades. Create delicious fish tacos by adding coriander ground into Bay Seafood Ground yellow mustard seed, also called mustard flour, is the type of mustard seed used in the traditional topping for ballpark franks.

Simply mix equal parts mustard, flour, and water to make basic mustard. Beyond that, Grab your grinder and enjoy the fresh ground flavor of black peppercorns imported from the Spice Islands of the South Pacific.

The pure flavor of the finest black pepper will give the perfect perk of spice to any dish. Add freshly ground pepper to a Ah, ginger. Ginger Ground is the way to go for quick and easy ginger flavor in your dinners and desserts. Some might just Our five blend peppercorn mix includes Tellicherry, Pink, Green, White, and Jamaican Peppercorns.

This distinct blend will add flavor, color, and spice to all of your favorites. Perfect as a seasoning for fries, burgers, or any dish that calls for Imagine walking home after a long day working or running errands to the rich aroma of granulated onion and slow cooked roast beef wafting through your home.

Are you imagining it? This distinctly yellow spice has been around for over 2, years. Turmeric is considered a major spice in India, China and the Middle East. As with most members of the ginger family Turmeric has a warm feel and flavor.

It is a key ingredient in Indian, This extra coarse cracked Black Pepper Butcher Cut is ground from premium South Pacific peppercorns and is popular with professional chefs. Use Butcher Cut Black Pepper to fill your pepper mill and grind it over salads, pastas, or sauces.

French toast lacking in flavor? Oatmeal need jazzed up? Rice too bland? Our customers in the food industry always Mustard is an ancient, nourishing plant, dating back in written record to the time of the Roman Empire.

Mustard seed taken from the plant we eat as mustard greens on its own has a slight acidic, pungent flavor. Add mustard seeds to liquid and heat for When garlic is roasted, the high temperature drives off the more pungent, garlicky odors and leaves behind a mellow and almost sweet garlic flavor.

Use Roasted Minced Garlic as an easy way to add flavor to soups and roasts. Combine with spreads for The aji amarillo is also known as the "Peruvian chile" or "yellow chile" and is especially common in Peruvian-style Ceviche.

Our Aji Amarillo Add to Cart. Add to Cart Quick view. Aji Panca Chile Powder OliveNation MSRP:. Aji Panca Chile Powder - Mild, Smoky, Fruity Flavored Ground Peruvian PeppersDried, Ground Peruvian Pepper with Mild HeatRich, Deep Red Powder Adds Color and Flavor in DishesGreat for Meat Rubs, Sauces, Stews, or Baked DishesNon-GMO, KosherAji Panca Aleppo Chile Peppers - Crushed OliveNation MSRP:.

Aleppo chile peppers are also Known as aleppo pepper and aleppo pepper seeds. The Aleppo chiles are primarily grown in Turkey and Northern Syria.

These sweet, sharp tasting chiles with moderate heat do not overpower a dish but does add an authentic Out of stock.

Ancho Chile Powder OliveNation MSRP:. Ancho Chile Powder by OliveNation features dried and ground poblano chili peppers. This medium-hot spice tastes earthy, a little fruity, and has notes of coffee and raisins. Ancho Chile Powder is great for chili, salsa, enchiladas, soups, and other Out of stock Quick view.

Apple Cider Vinegar Powder OliveNation MSRP:. Apple Cider Vinegar Powder by OliveNation is a powdered form of apple cider vinegar.

It's easy to store and a convenient way to add apple cider vinegar flavor to recipes. When combined with olive oil, salt, and a few other ingredients, Apple Cider Apple Pie Spice OliveNation MSRP:.

Apple Pie Spice by OliveNation features two key ingredients of apple pie: cinnamon and nutmeg. It's amazing in apple pies, peach pies, fruit crisps, cobblers, sauces, and pastries. We love Apple Pie Spice because it has no added preservatives or Applewood Smoked Salt OliveNation MSRP:.

Applewood Smoked Salt by OliveNation is a smoke flavored salt. Now you can add the flavor of applewood smoke to foods without going through the long process of smoking them in a smoker.

This seasoning contains large flakes of salt. Sprinkle on foods Bacon Salt OliveNation MSRP:. Bacon Salt by OliveNation is a bacon flavored salt. It is made with large flakes of salt, rendered bacon fat, brown sugar, and other ingredients. Add the taste of bacon to all your favorite foods.

Bacon flavored desserts are all the rage right now and Baharat Spice OliveNation MSRP:. Baharat Spice Translated simply as 'spice'? in Arabic, Baharat is a slightly spicy, full-flavored blend, making it a distinctive feature of Middle Eastern cuisine. This spice mix is hand-blended, mixing sweetspices such as cinnamon, cumin, Beet Powder OliveNation MSRP:.

Beet Powder by OliveNation is made from dried beets. The fine powder has a red-purple hue and can be used in baking, smoothies, cooking, and more. It has a mild and earthy beet flavor.

Red Bell Pepper Powder OliveNation MSRP:. Red Bell Pepper Powder by OliveNation imparts the sweet and tangy flavor of red bell peppers.

Red Bell Peppers taste mild without any spiciness and can be used in a variety of dishes. Add Red Bell Pepper Powder to soups, chili, and stews for a burst Korean Black Garlic Seasoning OliveNation MSRP:. Korean Black Garlic Seasoning by OliveNation features black garlic and other spices.

With sweet and umami ingredients, it's designed for making Asian-style marinades and glazes for meat, poultry, fish, and vegetables. Easily flavor food with our Chimichurri Seasoning OliveNation MSRP:. Chimichurri Seasoning by OliveNation contains all the ingredients needed for authentic chimichurri flavor.

We blend spices, salt, garlic, onion, paprika, tomatillo powder, and more to save you time in the kitchen. Make chimichurri marinades, sauces, and BBQ Chip Seasoning OliveNation MSRP:. BBQ Chip Seasoning by OliveNation is a seasoning for potato chips, popcorn, and other crunchy snacks.

Now you can add barbecue flavor to your favorite party treats. In addition to snacks, BBQ Chip Seasoning can flavor meats, vegetables, and pretty much Chipotle Flakes OliveNation MSRP:.

OliveNation Chipotle Flakes are a wonderful addition to your favorite Mexican dishes. Made from smoke-dried jalapenos and serrano chile peppers, this spice complements enchilada sauce, chili, BBQ marinades, and more.

Chipotle Flakes feature a rich, Dried Morita Chipotle OliveNation MSRP:. Made from the familiar jalapeno pepper. Fully ripened and smoked during the drying process to bring a unique medium-hot 6. Use in enchilada sauces, chili, stews barbecue ribs and cornbread as well as Chipotle Morita Powder OliveNation MSRP:.

Chipotle Morita Powder by OliveNation is made from dried ground morita chiles that have been smoked and dried. Morita peppers are ripe, red jalapenos. Our Chipotle Morita Powder is medium-hot with smoky, fruity, and sweet flavor.

Ranging from Bumbleberry Farms Chocolate Raspberry Honey Cream Spread MSRP:. Cinnamon Bark OliveNation MSRP:. Buy High-Quality Cinnamon BarkCinnamon Bark by OliveNation is perfect for infusing cinnamon flavor in curries, dessert sauces, and hot beverages like mulled wine and tea.

In addition to Indian dishes, Cinnamon Bark is sometimes called for in Moroccan Cinnamon Extract - PG Free OliveNation MSRP:. Cinnamon Flavor Extract - TTB, Natural OliveNation MSRP:. Pure Cinnamon Oil OliveNation MSRP:.

Cassia trees are trees of the genus Cinnamomum and are closely related to the Cinnamomum Verum or Ceylon Cinnamon. The inner bark of these trees is what gives us the Korintje variety of cinnamon.

This variety of cinnamon is also alternatively referred Ceylon Cinnamon Powder OliveNation MSRP:. Cinnamon is obtained from the bark of various trees of the genus Cinnamomum or related trees which are often referred to as Cassia.

However, Cinnamomum Verum or Ceylon Cinnamon is often considered to be the only true variety of cinnamon. This variety Organic Ground Cinnamon OliveNation MSRP:. Ground Cinnamon by OliveNation is a warming spice used in numerous dishes, sweet and savory alike.

Made from korintje cinnamon, this ground spice boasts true cinnamon flavor. Ground Cinnamon is more convenient than grinding your own cinnamon and Organic Ground Saigon Cinnamon OliveNation MSRP:.

See our latest hot deals on spices and herbs. Spices and Herbs Flavor Ideas. Take your family on a culinary journey by using exotic spices and Shop for Spices in Herbs, spices & seasoning mixes. Buy products such as Great Value Garlic Powder, oz, Great Value Onion Powder, oz at Walmart and Bulk Seasonings A-Z. Order seasonings and rubs online from Find discounted wholesale prices on all blends today

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Home decor sample inspiration gallery

Home decor sample inspiration gallery

It extends from the wall to the ceiling, making the room feel more polished and whole but still organic. Stacks of books bring character and depth to this simple wooden bench in an entryway designed by Jeffrey Dungan without overcrowding it. Plus, since it's lower than a console table, there's extra wall space for that fabulous gallery wall, which is a fascinating mix of sizes, shapes, and colors.

Two massive canvases fill the large wall in this contemporary living room by AP Design House. Rough layers of bright white paint pop against the cream-painted walls while still being neutral so that the peach and navy accents can maintain the color spotlight.

Alternating frames, sizes, and shapes make this experimental gallery wall of mirrors in a bathroom by Cecilia Casagrande both fun and practical.

Or, install two mirrors right across from each other to get the effect of a never-ending gallery of mirrors. The infinity effect works well in a modern, minimalist environment, such as this bathroom designed by Kristin Fine. You can hang your art on the wall and call it a day, or you can pay special attention to choosing the right backdrop for an even bigger impact.

Here, the inimitable Miles Redd placed modern artwork on a classic mural wall covering for contrast and just a touch of playfulness. Think outside the box with decor that bounces light and makes fun illusions.

The most obvious example is a disco ball , which Leanne Ford makes a strong case for in this otherwise laidback living room.

When you run out of wall space or simply need to hide a less than ideal view, hang your artwork over a window. Interior designer Krystal Mathews found the perfect size artwork and frame to animate the window seat while still letting in enough light. A gallery wall doesn't need to take up the entire room.

In fact, sometimes a tiny one can make a bigger style statement. In this living room, Hiedi Caillier opted for micro-mini frames and a random composition. Designer Juan Carretero opted for a deep green paint color to contrast with the light wood finishes.

And while he did hang a decorative accent on the back wall, he also introduced art by securing a small frame to a baluster. Put your artwork in the literal spotlight by installing a sconce above it. Interior designer Jean Liu allowed this pretty painting to determine the color scheme throughout the room, tempering its pops of blue with neutral tones and lots of rough texture.

How This Builder-Grade Condo Got Major Charm. The Essential Guide to Bauhaus Design. The living room of this Arts and Crafts house designed by Brandon Schubert cleverly mixes colour, furnishing style and texture — the perfect mélange for a communal space. In the living room of Alfred Bransen's Hackney flat with quite a Danish sensibility , a sofa from IKEA mixes with a vintage coffee table and lots of colourful soft furnishings.

The cushions are a mix of Hay and The Apartment DK, while the fish that hang above the sofa are Alfred's collaboration with Ohayo, a Danish brand that imports Japanese antiques, ceramics, vintage textiles and curiosities and celebrates the Japanese aesthetic in Scandinavia. The sofa in the living room of Sebastian Bergström's tiny Stockholm flat is an Ikea Karlstad sofa with a linen cover by Bemz Design.

There is a mix of mid-century modern and countryside style, an unexpected yet nevertheless match for the space. In Nicola Mardas's home in Deal , the long sitting room occupies most of the first floor, looking out over the sea.

Nicky Haslam's Cotswold's house is full of wit and charm and the living room is particularly full of charisma. The curved sofa is a design by Nicky, covered in scarlet carriage cloth from Studio QD. The triangular box seat is antique Swedish. The carpet from Silk Avenue reflects light from the french windows.

Laura Muthesius and her wife, stylist Nora Eisermann have made an elegant home in the German countryside. The rug is from the Swedish brand Cappelen Dimyr. Laura and Nora found the fluted panelling at the back of the room at The Surface Studio and added a shelf on top.

The main living area of Sally Wilkinson's rented flat. Sofa by Sofa Icon covered in a Claremont fabric, lumbar cushion in Rose Tarlow fabric, small cushions by De Le Cuona. Side table is antique and coffee table is vintage from Vinterior.

Green lamp by Penny Morrison with lampshade by Robert Kime. Dining table is vintage from Petersham Nurseries , tablecloth custom-made with fabric by Chelsea Textiles. Dining chair slipcovers custom-made from Claremont fabric. Interior designer Charlotte Boundy has brought warmth and colour courtesy of a few dream moodboards to her house in Shepherds Bush.

The ebonised gilt antique mirror, which hangs above a Portland stone fireplace from Jamb, was bought years ago from Lillie Road. Briefed by his clients to add some oomph to the main rooms in this Georgian townhouse in London , Carlos Garcia has infused the interiors with colour while maintaining a sense of restfulness and calm.

Interior designer Anahita Rigby brings a Regency house in London out of the darkness and into the light with her soft, airy and detail-oriented design.

The well-appointed living room features two Agatha armchairs from Arlo and Jacob , Elica folding stools from Giobagnara and a Grisewood lamp from OKA. The travertine table is from Golborne 44 , as is the solid elm chair, which was designed by Finnish designer Olavi Hänninen.

The chandelier is an antique Murano, sourced from Italy; the globe was found at the Sunbury antiques market in Kempton. When she had to make her new cottage comfortable and liveable in the period before a full renovation, interior designer Katharine Paravicini made some clever decisions about where to splurge and where to rein in the budget.

The rug was a bespoke commission from India. The interior designer Caroline Holdaway had already decorated two houses for Robin Muir and Paul Lyon Maris when they enlisted her help on their new Cotswolds home.

What was once a nine bedroom bedsit has been transformed by Natasha Howard, the designer behind Instagram's 'Philamena', into an elegant and inviting family home. The brief for this London maisonette was twofold: to serve as an efficient yet appealing crash pad during the week and as a family base in the holidays.

Henri Fitzwilliam-Lay has exceeded every expectation with a transformation that marries easy elegance with practicality. A painted ceiling is just one of the playful design ideas in this colourful Copenhagen apartment.

The teal green ceiling is painted in Early Spring by File Under Pop and the red artwork by Mathias Malling Mortensen. The piano lamp is by Verner Panton. The blue painting over the piano is by American artist Emma Kohlmann and was bought at V1 Gallery.

The vibrant yellow wall colour flows over onto the door and doorframe in Rosi de Ruig's house. A large painting of flowers by Flora Roberts, whose designs Rosi often uses for her lampshades, hangs above a now-discontinued sofa from Atelier Ellis. In the bohemian flat of artist Viola Lanari , doors were used as a canvas.

Artist Maude Smith painted both sides of the door to the living room as an impromptu birthday gift over drinks at the flat one evening. The lampshade by the sofa is paper painted with a design by Viola, used as a trial for her fabric collection.

The rugs are all from eBay. The artist owners of this London house called on interior designer Beata Heuman to create a family home full of fun, distinctive design and punchy colours.

A highly original space, unapologetically theatrical and oozing energy. They have quite wild tastes and they love strong colours,' says Beata. The designer has concealed the television in a red-lacquer cabinet with glazed doors framing maps.

It also provides storage. The armchairs are from the owners' old at, reupholstered in cotton denim from I Want Fabric. The imaginative restoration of the house in which JM Barrie wrote Peter Pan has teamed sensitivity to its history, including several literary allusions, with a strong approach to colour and design details.

Paint is only taken up the walls to the ledge, making this grand and tall living room feel a little bit more intimate. The footstool was embroidered by Fine Cell Work in a homage to Peter Pan, references to which are also concealed in a games table by Hugh Miller.

Digital creative and brand consultant Lucy Williams has tackled her first renovation with confidence and flair, filling the Victorian terrace with bold colour and considered pieces.

With the little handles found at Ardingley Market, Lucy says it "took ages to source the right size, reclaimed pocket doors for the space. In the foreground, the little chair is vintage and reupholstered in Guy Goodfellow stripe linen.

The paper Shade is Hay and the log basket is from Tat. Interior designer Elizabeth Hay's thatched cottage in Devon boasts this gloriously colourful sitting room. Above it, antique brass sconces flank a landscape painting by William George Gillies from Jenna Burlingham.

An inviting sofa and ottoman in natural linen bring additional softness to interior designer Thea Speke's sitting room in her country house. When choosing the colours for the living room in her four-bedroom Victorian house , Sandra Barrio von Hurter wanted it to be a grown-up space.

Cafe curtains on the bottom half of the windows let light in but ensure privacy from the street outside. In search of a large but budget-friendly artwork? Frame a rug or throw instead, like Alice Palmer did here in her joyful London house. A BFGF wall hanging, framed by Harry Eagle, takes centre stage.

The rug was another find from Marrakech. The living room of textiles dealer Susan Deliss' French country home is painted a soft blue, this perfectly counter balances her electic mix of patterned fabrics.

The red sofa, from George Smith, looks fabulous covered in a vibrant collection of cushions. For their latest house, a 19th-century barn with outbuildings in Oxfordshire , Mark and Georgie Rowse have drawn on their extensive renovation experience — and their address book of specialist artisans — to create a characterful and welcoming home for themselves, their family and a host of visiting friends.

A velvet-covered antique sofa and a specially commissioned ottoman upholstered in an old rug make this sitting room an appealing spot to relax.

After having to leave her house in Chelsea, Alexandra Tolstoy has established a new base in London for her family and a workspace, which she has filled with furniture, textiles and folk-art pieces. The sheep is an antique sourced by Daniel Slowik.

This vibrant living room belongs to none other than Rita Konig, in her County Durham farmhouse. Walls in 'Invisible Green' by Edward Bulmer Natural Paints set off a sofa from David Bedale Antiques in a vintage fabric and a yellow-upholstered Gillows armchair.

Each area of the open-plan main room in this small west London flat has its own distinct atmosphere, thanks to the inventive details introduced by interior designer Beata Heuman, who relished the creative challenge of making every inch count. Though the room is small, it has high ceilings, which she has taken full advantage of with customised joinery.

The sofas are in tonal shades of blue and green. In the open-plan living room of a Berkshire house by Nicola Harding , the seating area has a sofa from Sofa. The furniture here is deeply comfortable; for advice on choosing sofas, armchairs, tables and much more, see our guide to how to choose living room furniture.

The drawing room in a Padstow house by Marion Lichtig encapsulates the 'seaside-meets country' look of the interior, with its nineteenth century scallop-backed chair and rustic fireplace. Artist and maker Bridie Hall has made her mark on her Victorian house in north London with eclectic collections of antique finds and her own eye-catching works set against bold blocks of colour.

Simple pieces of Georgian furniture, including a glazed bureau bookcase, have been used in the sitting room of Ben Pentreath's Georgian parsonage.

The effect is eclectic and welcoming. After splashing splodges of various pinks about, I called Patrick Baty at Papers and Paints and he mixed exactly the right shade that warmed and softened the room. The furniture is simple - no flounces, ormolu or unwanted frilly bits; nothing that is not appropriate.

But more than that, nothing that is not pretty. It is quiet, peaceful and comfortable. I have such fond memories of decorating my kids' rooms when they were little.

We can hardly wait for our first grandson to arrive this month! I love the boyish charm of a few of these spaces and the more "gender neutral" ones in today's post, I hope you enjoy the inspiration!

I am so glad February is finally here! I was inspired to get in the spring mood around the house with some early spring decorating. Here are a few things I've done so far!

Raise your hand if you are looking forward to spring raises hand high in the sky! I'm excited to share our annual Spring Shop with you today! Let's talk a little about trends! Sharing my thoughts on the "butter yellow" trend, advice to consider if you are new to decorating, and lots of home decor finds.

The kitchen sink a spot we spend so much time in our days!

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Affordable customizable meal options

Affordable customizable meal options

Between work and home life, finding the time to plan meals, buy groceries, and cook can be challenging. That's where meal delivery kits come in. Meal delivery services can be a great way to save time and alleviate extra stress when it comes to meal planning and cooking. You can have ingredients and sometimes even groceries delivered straight to your doorstep, making it easy to prepare delicious meals without leaving home.

Our team has done extensive research and testing on over 50 different meal delivery services, evaluating them on various criteria like cost, menus, and packaging. After careful consideration, we've narrowed down our top picks for you to choose from. Pros: Blue Apron offers both meal kits and prepared meals with an impressive range of gourmet recipes.

Cons: Some of our tester experienced shipping issues, and the service lacks keto and paleo options. With dozens of flavorful menu choices each week, Blue Apron is the ultimate service for gourmet food lovers.

You can choose from multiple meal preferences, including chef favorites, family-friendly, and vegetarian options. Weekly menu selections feature a range of flavors, with everything from togarashi tilapia to pasta bolognese to duck with thyme butter sauce on the menu.

And in select areas, customers can add on marketplace items, such as pantry essentials, kitchen tools, and even wine.

Blue Apron strikes a nice balance between convenience and flexibility, and we enjoyed the chance to flex our culinary skills with some of these meals. There is a lot of packaging , though we found through our testing that about half of the items were recyclable. Each recipe has its full-color recipe card, which lists the ingredients and step-by-step instructions.

If you want a less hands-on experience, Blue Apron also offers prepared, heat-and-eat meals. These arrive fresh in plastic trays, making preparing these meals as simple as peeling back a corner of plastic film and putting them in the microwave for three to five minutes.

Overall, we enjoyed the diverse and interesting flavors offered by Blue Apron, but customers with more specific dietary preferences or needs, such as keto or paleo, might want to look elsewhere. Pros: HelloFresh gives you a lot of control over your meal selections, with plenty of customization opportunities and the ability to view your menu options to six weeks in advance.

Cons: Our testers noted a lot of single-use plastics and packaging, and the service lacks meal plans for stricter dietary accommodations.

HelloFresh rolls out a menu of over 30 fresh meal kits each week featuring vegetarian, meat and veggies, pescatarian, fit and wholesome, quick and easy, and family-friendly meals. Meals are designed for two or four servings, with an option for two to six meals a week.

You can customize up to 12 sides or proteins each week to create your ideal meal. Plates tend to be more on the filling side , focusing on comfort foods like burgers, rice bowls, pastas, tacos, and sandwiches.

Creating an account lets you choose your plan size and meal preferences which can be changed at any time. HelloFresh is our top pick for variety, with its enormous menu and plentiful customization options.

HelloFresh meal kits arrive in an insulated cardboard box filled with layers of cooling ice packs, fresh ingredients, and pieces of cardboard to separate and contain them.

The service uses paper bags to corral the ingredients for each recipe , saving you the trouble of rummaging through a box full of packaged ingredients to find the items you need for your meal.

Testers tried a mix of HelloFresh recipes, including:. We found the recipes well-written and easy to follow, though we found ourselves reaching for tools like a zester or additional salt or pepper for added flavor.

Some of the dishes did take a few more minutes than the suggested cooking times. Pros: Green Chef's meals are diverse, interesting, and made with organic ingredients.

The company also has meal options with up to six servings, making it a great choice for larger households. Cons: If you're looking for breakfast options, Green Chef's choices are limited, and shipping is not free. Using certified-USDA organic produce, Green Chef curates a rotating weekly selection of 24 gourmet, chef-inspired meals.

You can choose from various dietary preferences, such as vegan, gluten-free, and keto, with an option to mix and match.

Meals are available in servings of two, four, and six, and you can order two, three, or four meals per week. Additionally, Green Chef's menu is available online up to three weeks out so that you can browse future options with ease.

Next, you'll enter your email, create a password, and enter your address and payment info. Once that's done, you'll be taken to the menu to select your meals.

Green Chef allows you to skip or reschedule deliveries whenever you need to , and you can even change your meal plan size if you need more or less food in any given week. If you have any questions about your order, Green Chef offers a live chat customer service option that can be accessed from the FAQ page.

The company's virtual assistant, Olive, will be your first point of contact; if Olive can't answer your question, you will be directed to an associate who can. From there, preparation is up to you. If any additional items typically salt, pepper, and olive oil are required, they will be items that most people will already have on hand.

We ordered and tasted three meals as part of our evaluation of Green Chef; however, we were limited by a shipping issue that caused the vacuum-sealed bags containing the raw pork and chicken to leak in transit, leaving us unable to sample these items. Some packaging leaking in transit was a disappointing turn of events, though we found that the flavors we could sample were reasonably cohesive, and Green Chef earned points for its inventive use of spices and flavor combinations.

Pros: Most of Hungryroot's meals are ready in 10 minutes or less, and customers have access to more than 2, recipes. Cons: The simplicity of Hungryroot's recipes may not appeal to more advanced home cooks. Hungryroot is a meal planning service and grocery ordering site all in one. New customers complete a detailed food preference quiz, and Hungryoot's algorithm creates a tailored meal plan with an accompanying list of groceries and pre-portioned ingredients to make meals in 10 minutes or less.

With an archive of thousands of recipes and tons of search filters, you can mix and match to create nutritious and healthful meals, including salads, rice bowls, soups, pantry items, snacks, beverages, and even ready-to-eat foods.

In addition, Hungryroot focuses on sustainable packaging , with recyclable boxes, biodegradable ice packs, and recipes designed to curb food waste. If you have specific dietary needs or even just a family of picky eaters, Hungryroot allows you to customize your order more than almost any other meal delivery service we tested.

Once your profile is complete, Hungryroot will send you suggested meals based on your preferences every week.

Hungryroot delivers everywhere in the contiguous U. Most recipes require only five or six steps, and we found that actual cooking time was very minimal and estimated hands-on time was very accurate. In fact, both our recipes took under 20 minutes to complete. We tried two recipes from this service:.

The suggested cook time for a medium-rare steak was 3 to 4 minutes per side, but we found this left the steak with a cool, red center. The only other step was adding creme fraiche to the potatoes and mashing them.

Pros: CookUnity offers chef-crafted meals that cover a range of dietary needs, and its focus on sustainable packaging appealed to our eco-conscious testers.

Cons: With only single-serving options, CookUnity isn't an ideal choice if you're looking to feed a family. CookUnity offers an extensive selection of fresh, small-batch chef-to-consumer meals ready to heat and eat in minutes. With east coast, west coast, Texas, and Midwest hubs, you can select from a rotating menu of meals created by award-winning chefs, including Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Esther Choi.

The menu caters to all sorts of dietary preferences , including dairy-free, vegan, low-calorie, low-sodium, and keto.

Culinary and global delights feature bibimbap, Thai curries, barbeque, udon soups, pizza, tacos, and mezze platters. Meals are all single-serving, and you can order up to 16 entrées a week.

The company also includes profiles of all its chefs, which makes the site more engaging. The service only delivers to select regions in 47 states, leaving many testers outside major metropolitan areas out of luck.

The box is insulated with a recyclable paper insert, and the contents are kept cool with a large ice pack at the bottom of the shipping container. Each meal tray is encased in a colorful paper sleeve with the name and photo of the chef who created the recipe, a use-by date, and detailed nutritional information.

The meal tray is made of industrially compostable material and sealed with a plastic film. We were generally impressed with these prepared meals; while we found some portions on the small side, the flavors won over many of our prepared-meal skeptics.

Pros: Daily Harvest's menu is entirely plant-based, and the service makes every effort to use organic ingredients. Cons: More impatient home cooks may not like that all meals arrive frozen; you also must commit to a minimum order of nine items with each delivery.

Since , Daily Harvest has provided plant-based eaters nationwide with top-notch meals that are chock-full of nutrients. Everything on the menu is plant-based and gluten-free, with a strong focus on organic ingredients.

There are more than dishes on the menu , from sweet potato and wild rice bowls to artichoke and spinach flatbread to purple corn and tomatillo soup. With more than 20 weekly recipes, you can choose between oven-ready meals, prepped servings, and classic meals that still require you to do all the chopping; servings vary between two and four.

Sunbasket is best for: A new home cook looking to experiment with new ingredients or techniques. Availability: Currently ships to most zip codes in the United States, excluding Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, and parts of New Mexico.

Both menus can be tailored to work with specific dietary preferences. FlexPro also has a Power Bakery with protein-packed cookies and brownies that you can add to any weekly order.

In the meal prep box, you can order ready-made proteins, like sous vide chicken, prime rib, shrimp scampi, sirloin steak, pulled pork carnitas, and rotisserie chicken.

These are perfect for tossing into salads or bowls throughout the week. Elaheh Nozari. Emily Johnson. Well Equipped Cleaning Gear. Meal Kits. Home Chef.

Buy at Home Chef. Photo by Linda Pugliese. Pros: Marley Spoon meals got our testers and their kids cooking and eating a bit outside their comfort zone—the harissa salmon salad was a big hit. They are clearly labeled as such on the website. We had a couple things leak over a few weeks of orders.

Pros: A lot of meal kits claim they take 20 minutes, when it can often be almost double that. Gobble said its meals could be prepped in 15 and we were pleasantly surprised just how close all of them came to that benchmark.

Nothing took over 20 minutes. There are also a lot of one pot meals to keep you from making too big a mess. They repurpose ingredients like garlic confit in lots of dishes in a way that seems smart and efficient rather than repetitive. Cons: The solution from customer service which is lovely by the way if something is missing from an order is to credit an extra meal to your account.

Gobble is best for: People who want freshly cooked food really fast. On the Menu: Pan-roasted chicken with broccoli-cheddar mac and cheese and chicken breast Portuguese-style shrimp with pinto beans and rustic tomato pimentón sauce and sustainably raised ocean shrimp Cheesy corn and black bean enchiladas suizas with zesty cabbage salad Korean bulgogi beef lettuce cups with vegetable japchae Availability: Continental United States.

Buy at Gobble. Buy at Dinnerly. Green Chef. Photo by David Cicconi. Pros: Green Chef has a way of making even ingredients our testers did not care for they had a thing about green bell peppers very appealing. The step-by-step instructions, which all use pictures, are super helpful and really do teach new techniques.

Cons: Ingredients can get a little repetitive so this is best to slip in just two or three times a week. Green Chef is best for: The beginner cook. Buy at Green Chef. Pros: In general what we got was more filling than expected or than it looked like it might be. Even though so many of the meals are salads, Sakara really knows how to make a salad dressing enticing we loved the avocado tahini and creamy cilantro.

The breakfast parfaits were delicious meals. They were surprisingly complex and ate like fancy desserts. Cons: Per meal cost is around 28 dollars and sometimes one of those meals is a single donut or muffin. Buy at Sakara. Purple Carrot. Pros: It offered new vegetarian recipes that could be incorporated easily into a regular weekly cooking cadence.

Cons: The fresh produce was not always perfectly ripe. Buy at Purple Carrot. Blue Apron. Pros: We really like the way Blue Apron formats their instructions. It really teaches you how to prep everything before cooking.

It's much more detailed than your typical recipe instructions. They offer really nice proteins. The highlight for was the quality fillets of salmon or cod that arrived each week. We even tried scallops in one "premium" basket. If you don't have time to shop at the butcher or fishmonger or feel at all intimidated by that experience, the proteins alone make this kit worth it.

All the Indian meals, for example used the same one spice—curry powder. On the Menu: Vegetable peanut lo mein with chili crisp fried eggs Hoisin pork belly and miso ramen with bok choy and soft-boiled eggs Smoky poblano sausage gnocchi with tomatoes and monterey jack Oregano and olive chicken with farro, zucchini, and carrots.

Availability: Nationwide. Buy at Blue Apron. MICHAEL MARQUAND. On the Menu: Zesty hummus and chicken rainbow bowl Curry tofu and broccoli jasmine rice bowl Tomatoey turkey meatball and bell pepper rice bowl Spinach artichoke chicken stuffed potato Availability: Most zip codes throughout the contiguous U.

Buy at Hungryroot. On the Menu: Thai red curry chicken with coconut lime rice Chicken, root vegetables, and wild rice harvest bowl Crustless chicken potato pot pie Beef, lamb, and eggplant moussaka Availability: Nationwide.

Cons: They repeat ingredients we saw lots of mushrooms and nutritional yeast, for example , which makes this a good addendum to your cooking, but perhaps not something to commit to for five meals a week in perpetuity. Methodology is best for: Busy, health-minded folks. Buy at Methodology. An intuitive interface, easy customization options, and swift checkouts can make all the difference.

If a service offers trial packs or promotional discounts, jump on it! Maybe you decide to go on an impromptu vacation or want to switch services.

Having flexible return and cancellation policies can be a relief. At first glance, ordering a meal from a delivery service might seem pricier than whipping up something with ingredients from your local grocery store.

For those who value their time, enjoy variety in their meals, and dislike the hassles of grocery shopping, meal delivery services might indeed be a cost-effective option.

Hey there, fellow food enthusiast! But how do we separate the sizzle from the steak? Ah, the transformation! Remember when food delivery was just a cheesy pizza or some crispy spring rolls? Well, the culinary world has undergone a revolution, and now, gourmet meals are just a click away.

What once was a domain dominated by a few select fast-food joints has exploded into a myriad of options. Our doorsteps have transformed into landing pads for dishes from every corner of the world. As our schedules become chaotic and our world increasingly digital, the desire for tangible, real-world pleasures like good whole food arrives fresh out has skyrocketed.

No more! These plans are your ticket to more leisure. Think about it: hours previously spent on grocery shopping, prepping, cooking, and the worst part—cleaning up—are now all yours.

Maybe take up painting or perhaps finally start that book you always wanted to read. Most of these plans have menus curated with the help of nutritionists. Think of the myriad of choices at your fingertips, each designed to tantalize and satisfy in unique ways.

Can you imagine diving into the heart of Italy with a rich, creamy risotto one evening, and by the next, venturing into the vibrant streets of Thailand with a tangy pad thai?

And the best part? Ever felt the weight of dietary restrictions pulling down your gourmet dreams? Those days are behind you. Think hearty chickpea stews, sumptuous vegetable curries, or maybe a tofu stir fry that bursts with flavors.

Savor dishes like almond flour pizzas, zucchini pasta, or maybe a succulent steak with roasted veggies. No more sifting through ingredient lists or fretting about cross-contamination.

From fluffy gluten-free pancakes to nut-free desserts, the options are both safe and scrumptious. For those watching their caloric intake, fear not!

Enjoy robust dishes, artfully portioned, and crafted to keep you both fit and fulfilled. Often, these prepared meals might end up being pricier than if you were to source the ingredients and cook them up yourself.

Packaging woes! Meal deliveries mean more boxes, plastic wraps, containers, and ice packs. Although many companies are becoming more eco-conscious, the overall waste generated is a concern. Relying too much on these plans can take away the joy and skill of cooking.

Homemade meals, despite the effort, have a warmth and personal touch to them. While they offer a variety of dishes, customization can sometimes be limited.

Want a tad more spice or perhaps a bit less salt? Are you a big eater or perhaps someone who prefers smaller meals? The one-size-fits-all approach might not always cater to individual appetites. You might often find yourself too full or perhaps still peckish.

After the initial honeymoon phase, you might notice certain patterns or repetitions in the menu. Reflect upon your lifestyle. Are you a freelancer juggling multiple gigs? A parent managing work and kids? Or someone who genuinely enjoys the art of cooking?

Your daily routine plays a significant role in determining if these meal plans align with your life. Can your budget comfortably accommodate these meal plans? Are you on a specific diet or have certain health goals?

Delve deep into the menu options available and see if they align with your nutritional requirements. Is this a fleeting fascination or a long-term commitment? Do you see yourself enjoying delivered meals consistently over months or even years?

Sustainability and satisfaction go hand in hand. While all these companies offer delicious, healthy dishes, think about your unique priorities before you subscribe. If you like the convenience but also would prefer higher-quality ingredients, Sunbasket may be a good fit.

They offer fresh and organic premade meals you can heat up in minutes, as well as meal-kits you can cook yourself. If how you manage your time is especially important to you, Home Chef is an excellent service to try.

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We tested popular meal prep delivery services, like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh, to find the best meal delivery service for every household Explore our comprehensive guide to the best meal delivery service options available. Discover convenience, variety, and top-quality meals for every palate PlateJoy is your personal meal planning assistant, providing custom meal plans and recipes. Start your free trial to enjoy recipes tailored to your